Gordon Ferris is a Dublin writer living in Ballyshannon in Co Donegal. He is a member of the Dublin Writers Forum and has had poetry and short stories published in A New Ulster, Hidden Channel and The Galway Review. Most in A New Ulster


Did it ever occur to you
in those darkened hours
when all the colours are stolen
flashes of red blue and green
buttons to be pressed
imagined eyes staring out
secretive creatures
more afraid of you
Or maybe not there at all.

Invisible old man

I see an old man every day.
Keeps to himself,
Introverted but not rude, always smiles.
Appears to be a man of routine
Seen at the same time every day
Doing the same chores.
One day to the shops for groceries
Gets his food fresh every day.

Another day to the Post office
To collect his pension
Or the odd parcel,
Must miss the delivery.
I never see him in company
Casual talk in the street with neighbours
Always with a smile.
Appears comfortable alone.

Spoke to him one day
Asked if he needed anything
I was going to the shops
wouldn’t mind getting a few things for him
I’m fine, he said like the buck from Father Ted
Told him if he ever needed help
I was just two doors down.
Thanks for your kindness, but I’m fine, he graciously said.