Daniel Sammon recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Writing from NUIG. It was late in life when he discovered he had a latent talent or a hidden love of the written word. Not long after his first book was published he had another five written, including a book of poetry.
Apart from writing he is engaged full-time as a rental property manager and a limmo driver taking people on tours all over Ireland, especially Connemara, the Cliffs of Moher, Newgrange, Dublin and Killarney. He’s keenly interested in history, heritage and folklore; these together with meeting people from every corner of the globe keeps him well supplied with material for his writing pen.


by Daniel Sammon [ June 2019]

Words, words, words,
oh, the power of words
The smiling face,
the laughing child,
the light-hearted spirit
that is revitalised
to embrace a new day
is brought about by
words, words, words

When the banker says
‘Yes, your loan is granted’
or when your intended bride
says ‘Yes, of course, I will’
grey skies are cleared
of darkened clouds and
bright heavens rejoice
because of words,
simple words

When the lotto numbers
are being called each week
and you’re two million short
of just number twenty seven,
your heart is racing
as the next ball called
is number twenty eight;
so to be a millionaire
you’ll just have to wait

The kindest words
‘I will’, ‘I am’, ‘of course’
‘God bless you too’, ‘I do’
these connecting words of
your smiling face and
peaceful soul, so peaceful
and so entirely free are
your’s to enjoy as often
as you please

They banish all your
no-good thoughts and
negative impressions of
the people and the places
who fail to live up to your
expectations, so much so
that you can change
the world by your wise
use of words, words

When friends call to
your door, you greet them
with some words of welcome
as you expect, when to
their door you call, or maybe
to your grandchildren
some words of wisdom and
folklore tales to them you
may bequeath

What lifts your heart
or trips lightly your soul
like words of a dear song
or your favourite poem.
What eases your sorrow
like words of condolence
sincerely expressed or
what stands the test of time
like the words of the Gospel

When with friends you
fall out, it is with words
and likewise when you are
ready to make it up again.
To say a few words at a
wedding or make a speech
that will evoke memories
many years later, the secret
to such a desire is words

A baby’s first words are
cherished, as are an elderly
person’s last words, as well
as their last will – written
words, especially if you are a
beneficiary. Words are what
start war and they are equally
powerful in achieving and
maintaining peace

As a judge pronounces
sentence, her decrees are
the entrance gates to hell.
But when you’re told:
‘you’re free to go’
words are the releasing
power of freedom to
roam the world at will
and write words of poetry

An armed force
of many thousands
is yet less powerful
than two single words.
In their mad desire to
kill and murder,
their tanks and weapons
soon fall silent at their
command to ‘cease fire’

The power of words
is really awesome;
their full extinct
we may never know.
‘thank you’, ‘I love you’
‘I’m sorry’, may be
pleasing to our ear but
our own first name is what
we most like to hear