Garrett Mostowski – Satan, to Adam Concerning Policies Governing the Garden

Garrett Mostowski’s work has appeared in Geez Magazine, Christian Century, Clerestory, the Princeton Theological Review, Anchor, the Oxford Theatre Review, and others. He is a second year doctoral candidate in theology and creative writing at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. He lives and works in Detroit, Michigan.

Satan, to Adam Concerning Policies Governing the Garden

It has been decreed
that in the garden
there should not be
too much talking,
especially after 8pm.

No littering, either. Obviously. And, don’t
touch anything you aren’t meant to
touch. Don’t go there, please—
and make sure you never do that.
Hear me?

It’s all first come, first served, too,
even the fruit of the tree in the middle
(wink). So, we’ll ask you to sign here, please.
And there, too–thank you. Initial here and there.
Ok, great. And, who do we contact in case of emergency?

Oh!–wait–no crowds larger than six.
No fires, either, unfortunately.
Look: just go out to the designated spots,
and, as has been written, do nothing.

But remember
this is all that will ever be true:
the rules were always meant to be
broken and again
made new.


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