Daniel Scholl – Rabbits

A folk poet with a raw and authentic voice, Daniel Scholl writes real emotion for the common person—non-gendered, lost souls, on human journeys of discovery. These poems speak with a pure vulnerability that offers hope, succor, and beauty to anyone who reads looking for a better sense of understanding.


We tell the story again
Like George to Lennie
One last time
One more time
We’ve found our little piece of land
Nestled between these bricks
Atop this tiny hill
That’s tall enough for us
Above the fort and city views
That we walk through
Day after day
Hand in hand
Growing through the scenes
That seem familiar now
Noticing nuance in the new
Wisdom in the old
As the dots connect
As the universe expands
I’ll hold you close
And I’ll think of sheep
As you tell me again
About the rabbits


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