Vincent Holmes – Dedicated to my new heroes – the Warriors of A&E at UCHG February 2022

Uinseann Mac Thómais (aka Vincent Holmes) likes lots of pastimes. He starts his day at 6.30am with a sea swim in Blackrock, normally a very mirthful experience. Its exhilaration fires him up for the rest of the day to dabble in computing, innovation and the occasional written piece for the Galway Review. He has a keen interest in an Ghaeilge and its perpetuation and holds a Master’s Degree in Language Planning, the science of passing language on to the next generation.  A retired civil servant, formerly of Roinn na Gaeltachta, he works part-time as a court interpreter.

Dedicated to my new heroes – the Warriors of A&E at UCHG February 2022

I don’t know how they do it, 
the Warriors of A&E
daily, dealing with
The unruly,
The unmanageable,
The distressed,
The ungrateful,
The drunk,
The irascible,
The flawed

And yet they do
With dedication
kindness and

To you;
The Ronans
The Annas
The Emmets
The Johns
The Reeses
The Davids
The Lorraines
The Kirsties
The Maeves
The man with the tea and sandwiches
The cheerful lassies in CTI
And all of you whose names
I did not get
From A&E entrance to exit
My broken knee and I
will be eternally grateful
To you all!
Gura fada buan sibh uile

Vincent Holmes

Published at Galway Advertiser, page 28 –  on 24/02/2022 – CLICK HERE…

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