Javed Alam is a UK-based physician and a poet.  In his spare time, Javed likes to write poetry. His work has been published both in print and online literary journals as well as in anthologies in the UK, USA, India, Canada and Ireland. He likes to write in the language of ordinary people, about their ordinary thoughts and about their ordinary insights.

Everyday her dawn arrives 

Everyday her dawn arrives 
With a bread of sacrifice 
With a drink of tears. 

Everyday her bruised soul 
Is hammered, ceaselessly, 
On an anvil of a conflict. 

Everyday bulbuls, sit on the sill 
Of her soul, sing 
The songs of our tragedy.

She carries a burden, a heavy sack
Of our dreams, on
Her sacrificial head. 

When I look for expressions 
On her face, in her eyes, 
I find a tearing emptiness. 

Like her last queen, Haba 
Khatoon, she carries 
A longing, a gnawing grief. 

Like dead stars 
She carries, a burden 
Of loss, a ruined destiny.

Everyday she falls 
Into, an abyss, a black hole
Of two toxic neighbours.