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Andrea LutzAndrea Lutz was born in Germany, where she worked as a teacher before moving to Ireland in 2012. She has published articles and short stories in the online magazine One of these articles was selected for publication in a Danish school book. Andrea founded the writing group Galway International Writers, which is now in the process of compiling an ebook.


Heat Wave

By Andrea Lutz

This is not Ireland, it can’t be. I am going back to Germany for a visit in a week, and I feel like the German summer has already travelled towards me. This is the type of summer I always did my best to get away from. Heat is holding me in a tight embrace, not caring that my skin is all sticky and I want to break free.

I moved to a dreamy, misty island whose sky is never without clouds. Excited about the future, I came to a refreshing island with cool air and lots of wind, carrying life in its fullness into my arms, caressing my cheeks, touching me underneath every layer of my clothing. An island with green fields and incredible, hesitant but gentle light. An island where the sun filters through the clouds, fanning out its beams onto the greenness of the grass, the greyness of the rocks and bathing all the colourful houses in its friendly embrace. An island of frequent rain, and people complaining about the weather every day.

The Ireland I moved to is not the same country that presents itself to me today. There is a heat wave showering the island with relentless sunshine. I might find this weather stifling, but I am in the minority. Suddenly, complaints about the weather are absent from everyday life. People smile and say that they are so happy with the sunshine and the heat.

They don’t cry about the grass turning yellow. They enjoy the cool embrace of the sea water, or they lie on the sand, tanning their eager skins. The fair-skinned of the careless kind pay for this with burns, but in the heat of the moment, they don’t care. They live for a present moment where all they want is right here.

They teach me that things don’t need to be bad just because I think that they are bad. Perhaps the Ireland I love has not really taken a break. On the contrary, it might be showing me another, rare facet of its multi layered personality. A facet that is just as lovable as the rain and the green fields, if I only change my attitude. And I decide to make the most of this hot summer. Walking out into the sea, seeing infinity while the sunshine puts an end to the day over Renmore beach, just outside Galway city. Jumping into the cold wetness after much hesitation, swimming my first strokes in the Atlantic Ocean. Cooling down and looking up.

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  1. Amit Fenn says:

    I love how you’ve shown me a pleasant insight to what i dread the most, global warming and the lake that’s now forming on the North Pole.

    Maybe even as we go down and lose our way, we go down smiling. And that’s fine!

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