Tony Hall – Austerity

tonyyyyTony Hall is a lecturer in NUI Galway. He is a graduate of the University of Limerick (BA Physical Education and English, and PhD Computer Science) and NUI Galway (Master of Information Technology). He recently completed the Postgraduate Award in Teaching Shakespeare with the Royal Shakespeare Company/University of Warwick. He is a former post-primary school teacher of Physical Education, English and ICT. Tony writes poetry, fiction and non-fiction.


It appears with such urbanity,
To grant grand authority,
Adding to your words ‘ity’;
An impressive ‘suffix-ity’.

As though to connote clarity,
A deeper, abstract verity,
Bequeathing meaning, like charity,
To enlighten our ‘ignoramity’.

‘Austerity programmability’
‘Resource additionality’
‘Fiscal governmentality’
‘Risk rectitudinality’

Is this mere jollity,
To rhyme with such alacrity?
Surely, more than levity,
Becomes this mouthed monstrosity.

‘Political orthogonality’
‘Mechanism stability’
‘Bank indemnifiability’
‘Sovereign unviability’

With ever more ubiquity,
And linguistic impunity,
This semantic stupidity
Finds acceptability.

For really it’s mendacity,
The bombast of barbarity,
To speak with such vacuity,
Phonemes of empty ingenuity.

So, please, desist with acuity,
From this bastardised iniquity.
Speak plainly with humanity –
The world needs your honesty.

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