Alan Halford – The Girl who cared for the Sun

dublinAlan Halford was born in Dublin. He worked in RTE. Award Winning Black  & White photographer. Has had several exhibitions. A life time interest in short story writing, poetry and the arts. Currently working on a book that will include both his poetry and photographic works.


The Girl who cared for the Sun

She mangled my heart
The girl who cared for the sun.

By the sandy dunes of Whitby Bay
She drank- in the heat of the hottest day
Danced on my heart in her own careless way
By the silver shimmering surf.

Red hair curtained her shoulders bare
Straw hat shading all that was there
Unpacked my dreams layer by layer
Leaving a fool with nothing to wear.

She cindered my heart with a single flare
Did the girl who cared for the sun.


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