The Galway Review 10 – printed anthology just arrived

The Galway Review 10 Printed anthology just arrived.

We are very happy with the quality of this book and want to thank the CL Print for their great effort in producing such a fine anthology.

Congrats to the editorial team of the Galway Review and Galway Academic Press for the hard work in editing, proofreading, layout, and design and to the authors for these fine pieces of writing.

The book will be sent out to the authors as follow:

Margaret Kiernan
Barbara Derbyshire
Ian Kelleher
Jesse Mavro Diamond
Karen J. Kovacs
Matt Mooney
Elaine Lennon
Daniel Sammon
Steve Carr
Timothy Houghton
Sass O’Flynn
Lorely Forrester
Aran Rafferty
Kathleen Sullivan
Miriam O’Neal
Gloria Heffernan
Orla O’ Brien


NOTE: We kindly ask the above authors to send us their postal address to our email –

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1 Response to The Galway Review 10 – printed anthology just arrived

  1. Margaret Kiernan says:

    Congratulations. Great work too from all the contributors.

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