CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – The Galway Review 10 (Printed Edition), April 2022

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – The Galway Review 10 (Printed Edition), April 2022

Submission guidelines:

  • Submissions, poetry, short fiction, plays, and non-fiction or extracts, reviews, and criticism (up to 2500 words) are now being sought for the next issue of The Galway Review 10, printed Edition, (April 2022). We are also interested in receiving black and white images/line drawings for inclusion.
  • Please Note: Submissions must be sent by email only.
  • Send a maximum of 3 poems or one short prose piece, (up to 2500 words)
  • No handwritten texts.
  • Submissions should be typed and sent in Word DOC, with the author’s name on the first page, and his/her photo.
  • Submissions should include an up-to-date short (60-70 words) biography.
  • Submissions submitted by email should be in the body of the email and as a Word Doc attachment. Please send one attachment with the entire submission in one document. If these guidelines are not followed your submission will not be read.
  • The Editors will acknowledge receipt of your work (email or SAE only) and inform you of any publication date.
  • Deadline, January 31st, 2022
  • To support the reading and editing of your submission and the printing cost of The Galway Review 10, printed edition, your contribution through a donation to The Galway Review is highly appreciated. Click here to DONATE

The Galway Review Team

The Galway Review 10 – Pre-buy at least two copies

COVID-19 and the lock-downs have put The Galway Review in a very serious financial situation. As a result, the management team has decided to continue printing The Galway Review Anthology in April 2022 but with limited copies available.

So as to secure enough money to print this book we ask all the writers who submitted their writing for publishing in the printed edition of The Galway Review 10 to pre-buy at least two copies.    

The book costs €20 (each copy) including postage and packing. We will happily ship to anywhere in the world. If you have any difficulty in paying through PayPal on this site, we would very much appreciate if you would let us know. Make sure your correct address is listed. In April 2022, you’ll receive The Galway Review 10 Anthology at your door. Click here to buy

The Galway Review 10 Anthology is a ninth printed edition of The Galway Review. This literary magazine has evolved from the popular online edition which has now more than half a million online readers.

The Galway Review 10 – Pre-buy at least two copies

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  1. Margaret Kiernan says:

    Best of luck with the book.

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