Colman Collins is a retired entrepreneur who sold his business four years ago. Previously he had been an HR Director with a number of multinational companies and was a part-time lecturer in HR in GMIT. He has a BComm degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Social Science from UCD, a degree in the Psychology of Counselling from NUIG, and a Diploma in Mgt. Practice from DCU. His main hobbies are reading, gardening, swimming, bridge, and his main interests are in current affairs, coaching, mentoring, and sport.

Walking up Gortacleva (26/6/2020)

Briars stretching out from the ditch
A self-seeded sycamore
The road gradually rising
Ferns everywhere,
Swaying gracefully
Clusters of fuchsia and honeysuckle
Foxgloves in ditch and fields
Nettles, thistles, and ivy
Scutch grass and dandelions
Ragwort and dock leaves
Convolvulus winding its way
Around everything
Whitethorn, blackberry bushes, and filipendula
Rocks, stones and a few blocks
At random angles
Gardens wearing their summer best
Heifers, cows, and even a bull.

Less walkers of late
Cars more frequent
As Galway slowly recovers
A tentative normality takes shape

Rain in Ballagh (28/6/2020)

Sheeting rain beats relentlessly
Against the veluxes
It’s good to be warm and cozy indoors
No sign of it letting up
Of getting out for a walk
No, it continues on unabated
The land needs it I suppose
But it’s tough for us to take
June has been disappointing
After being spoilt in April and May
The simple truth is
We really need the good weather
To help us live our lives
During this cursed pandemic

Back at Silver Strand (1/7/2020)

Oh, how good it is to be back here
After nearly 4 months
Everything looks the same
Except for some barriers
Which serve no obvious purpose
The beach is clean
Little seaweed
Just a few jellyfish
The air is fresh and familiar
The sea is calm
The Burren is clearly visible
Some brave souls are swimming
Some walk dogs
Some just walk
And enjoy the low tide
A few have chairs and blankets
Must be on their holidays
I leave renewed and refreshed

Young Lads at Blackrock (4/7/2020)

They arrive full of energy,
Full of life
They pick a spot beside me
Almost on top of me
Dislike that
In this COVID 19 world
Of which they seem cheerfully oblivious
All are full of banter
Full of laughter
Loads of slagging
The first of them dives in
The laggards egg him on
And cheer and jeer
In equal measure
One wonders aloud whether he will jump in
Then admits he will have to
And not be branded a wimp
I wonder how life will treat these young lads
But that’s for another day
Now I leave them to their hi-jinks
And head for home

Perfectionism & Procrastination (30/7/2020)

These twin imposters hold me back
As always
Confining me to my comfort zone
Controlling me
Constraining me
Condemning me
To a life
Not fully lived
To a world of
Dated rules and regulations
A world of sneering and mockery
Of not being good enough
Of not measuring up
A world which demands success
No room for tentative steps
No room for gradually emerging
No room for joy or fun
Life is too serious for that
For me
Or so it has been
Up till now
Could I possibly break out of my straitjacket
At this late stage?