Matt Mooney. Born in Kilchreest, Co. Galway in 1943, he has lived in Listowel since 1966. His four collections of poems are: Droving (2003)Falling Apples (2010)Earth to Earth (2015) and The Singing Woods (2017)Winner of The Pádraig Liath Ó Conchubhair Award 2019. (Filíocht/Poetry). Poems published in: The Amaravati International Poetic Prism Anthology 2018The Galway Review AnthologiesFeasta, First Cut, West 47, Duilleoga, Striking a Cord, The Applicant, Poetry Breakfast, Poems on the Edge. One of his poems appears on the syllabus of a number of UK Primary Schools. His poems have been read on: RTE Radio, Wired FM, Radio Kerry.

Fugitive Verses

Out of reach up in her chambers
windows the blue of a starry sky
high up in the castle tower above
she resides these nights and days
absented from my lyrical forays

probably reclining on her chaise
my Muse no longer mine I swear
sips nectar from a silver goblet

while I choose to idle by this way
on a wingèd steed to glance aside
to receive her smile if she appears
whenever the clouds are cumulus
silently instilling me with wonder
as I pass on a pure white Pegasus.