Alec Solomita’s fiction has appeared in the Southwest Review, The Mississippi Review, Southword Journal, and The Drum (audio), among other publications. He was shortlisted by the Bridport Prize and Southword Journal, and named a finalist by the Noctua Review. His poetry has appeared (or is forthcoming) in Anti-Heroin Chic, FourXFour, The Galway Review, Panoplyzine, The Blue Nib, Red Dirt Forum, and elsewhere. His chapbook, “Do Not Forsake Me,” was published in 2017 and is still available on Amazon. He lives in Massachusetts, USA.

There Are Mysteries

There are mysteries left to confound us:
The cohomology classes of Hodge
The nontrivial zeroes of Riemann
The lubricious clergyman’s dodge
Why people go rock climbin’
The Yang-Mills mass gap
The smoothness of Navier-Stokes
People who buy socks at the Gap
Those who say “just folks”
The conjecture of Swinnertown-Dyer and Birch
The orientation of Peter Pan
How Scarlet Johansson could be left in the lurch
Why some still say, “I’m going to the can”
O, there are mysteries left to confound us.