Hellen Grall lives in the countryside of North Meath. She is gifted with words and has written more than 100 poems.

Her poems come from her experiences and take on life. She enjoys simple things. Writing, reading and walking are her great passions.


It comes when you least expect it
Like a bullet from a gun
It leaves its mark forever
That never be repaired
They tell us time a healer
But it never heals the ache
It merely moves it future
And reduces the pain
The heartache remains of that I am quite sure
Something small and tiny will always remind you
Of those you have lost
No-one cares or understands until it reaches their door
They walk away untouched.


As I sit here beside this beautiful water,
As it glimmers in the light,
The leaves are slowly turning,
From their lofty height
The sky shows off its brightness
With its funny shapes of clouds
Nature in all its finery, proclaiming very loud
The beauty of its surrounding, our eyes are open wide

The river drifts slowly alone its winding way,
To bring life and beauty each and every day,
To give nourishment and love to every living thing,
As it slowly travels on its way down towards the east

The river will join the others, to form a larger base
To travel with its members at a much quicker pace,
We never know about its life, or what it has to overcome,
To form from all the others, into one large one,

To us, it’s just a small wee river,
Providing nourishment and peace
Moving slowing and at pace,
And never at a race.


Who am I?
I am a human being
Born on this earth
Not to destroy
But to maintain
Not to hate
But to share
Not to discourage
But to encourage
Not to break down
But to build bridges
I am me
A person who can choose
To live or not
To choose hope over fear
To choose freedom over prison
I have the right to be me
To express, to be independent,
To live my life my way
I am who I am
I am me .