Hasije Selishta-Kryeziu is an Albanian poet. She graduated in the University of Pristina. Her first book was published in 2005. Since then she has published six collections of poetry books and other two books in prose. Her literary work has been published in English and Italian. She has been active also with Pegasi International Albania and Kosovo, Worlds Poets Society and is the founder and active member of the literary forum “Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS”.

Eve and the Ages

Eve’s peaceful soul
was for ages awaiting
the flying of a bird.

I don’t recall
if she had ever seen
Adam coming.
As a general
he has ordered invasions
so many times.

Eve’s apple and the shut-out
had exhausted him.
Would they cheat again?
I am trapped between them.
How do I escape the fire
while I’m still in a cage?

I am not a foreigner

I see the neon lights in the city
and passing restaurants,
I see the people dining out.
I am not hungry
though I haven’t eaten.
I am filled by the scent of food.
A foreigner passing by,
it’s all a naked dream to me
for my eyes see far off places.


Translated by Kujtim Morina