Katacha Díaz – Ipanema Mermaid

Katacha Díaz is a Peruvian American writer. Wanderlust and love of travel have taken her all over the world to gather material for her stories. Her writing appears or is forthcoming with Barely South Review, Westview, The Pangolin Review, Anak Sastra, The Galway Review, The MacGuffin, Medical Literary Messenger, and elsewhere. She lives and writes up in her perch with a wide view of the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest.

Ipanema Mermaid

By Katacha Díaz

Walking carefree and happy with
hips swaying to samba rhythm,
she dodges crashing ocean waves
on Ipanema Beach.

Slipping into a glitzy tail and joining
shoal of mermen and mermaids
for a sunrise dip in azure blue
ocean, she keeps her eyes peeled
for turtles and dolphins.

Stretching out at Arpoador Rock
with her tail glittering in the sun,
she plays the guitar and soulfully
sings about mermaiding and
her wild desires.

For The Galway Review 7, (Printed Edition)

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