Jennifer Creedon – Post-mortal

Jennifer Creedon lives in Ballyleague, Co. Roscommon with her husband and three children. She has recently taken to writing when her house falls quiet at night. She has poetry published in ‘Tales from the Forest’, ‘Into the Void’ and ‘A New Ulster’.


A sangre-ous suture slinks sultry shapes
as it slip-slides through the saline aqua
My salt bath post-partum I sit
in the baptismal balm
poised for pain or
for other sutures
to let go of everything they have held together-
re-marrying flesh divorced forced
apart by my crowning glory-

the suture catches on the ball chain and shrinks-
knots around the line in clotted chaos,
looking down
my bent out of shape bellybutton stares back,
eyes close.
The drips drop like crotchets off its score,
making sounds seraphic
in legato on ripples
– a herald to the lay-Godess-
make another mother immortal.

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