Javed Latoo – It is not every day

Javed Latoo is a senior medical practitioner and a medical editor based in the UK. In his spare time, Dr. Latoo writes poetry. His poems have been published in various literary magazines as well as in medical journals. His first collection of poems is Gushing Fountain: A Collection of Poems (2015).

It is not every day

It is not every day I feel my heartbeat
I hear it bouncing like a ball on a ping pong
It’s cusps flapping like sails of a ship.
It is not every day
I get a tide of dopamine
I feel dreamy, open and vulnerable
Dangling over a cliff edge.
It is not every day I enjoy the sunshine
I remove my Deadwood
I notice daffodils, the purple lilies
The colour of butterflies.
It is not everyday streams sound like flutes
Roses sprout in battlefields
Doves rest on canons
Dawn rides on the wings of butterflies
Rain rejuvenates the garden of memories.
It is not every day we feel a Spring
When life crawls back to the Life
When a heart breaks its icicles and flutters in an ecstasy.

Spring 2017
Copyrigh©t  Dr. Javed Latoo 2017



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