photo1Rose Mary Boehm, a German-born UK national, she lives and works in Lima, Peru. Author of TANGENTS, a poetry collection published in the UK in2010/2011, her work has been widely published in US poetry journals (online and print). She was twice winner of the Goodreads monthly competition, a new poetry collection (‘From the Ruhr to Somewhere Near Dresden 1939-1949) has been published by Aldrich Press in May 2016, and another new collection is to be published by Kelsay Books 2016/2017.

Everything has an expiration date

The pink fairy armadillo
and the sea monkey
decided to amble
through the snow drifts
by the lake.

That’s the only line
I could dream up
sitting on a bar stool
so high if affected
my blood sugar level.

Alcohol had me fossilized
or is there another word
for being old and pissed?

Despite the funk
my heart didn’t miss
a beat.