Angel Edwards – Mythical Picnics

writer1Angel Edwards is a member of SOCAN, BMI and VMA. She owns a small music publishing company. A dozen of her songs are published by Saddlestone Publishing. She  currently performs as a solo acoustic electric singer songwriter guitarist. Her poems are included in two international poetry anthologies “Mind Paintings” and “Between Earth and Sky” from Silver Bow Publishing. Her poem “Morning Flight” was published in The Long Islander Newspaper in “Walt’s Corner” April 23 2015. Three poems and her short story “The Tale of Mira and Elroy” were published by The Screech Owl Angel is preparing her first poetry,short stories book.


Red picnic with red wine
Red hot peppers
Red napkins,red roses
Red tablecloth tossed
on green lawn
Scarlet summer shoes
Red velvet cake
Red candles

White picnic with white wine
White sharp cheese
Tapioca pudding iced
White napkins white roses
White tablecloth tossed
on white snow
White winter boots
White wedding cake
White candles

Blue picnic with blue spirits
Blue potato salad
Blue cheese blue corn chips
Blue napkins blue moonglow
Blue cloaks tossed
on bare skin
Blue nightgown
Blueberry cake
Blue candles

Green picnic with absinthe
Celery,green grapes
Sprigs of thyme,lime
Green leaves,green ferns
Green pine branch tossed
On green lawn
Green stockings
Green hemp cake
Green candles.



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