Theresa McCormack – Two poems

TheresaTheresa McCormack comes from Cobh, Co. Cork, looking out on the sea. She is married and has two children. She enjoys photography and writing poetry and is a fan of the Cork G.A.A.


I brought you daffodils

I brought you daffodils
Crinkled up in foil
I filled the jam jar to the top
And put them in a pile.

I brought you daffodils
To make you feel the sun
It made my heart start beating
When I felt that I had none.

I brought you daffodils
Your favourite kind of flowers
Yellow dancing trumpets
Green and golden towers.

I brought you daffodils
Because you weren’t here
To turn the world all golden
To feel that you were near.

I brought you daffodils
I thought that you might see
How I haven’t gone away
Though your far away from me.



The morning call…
The rat tat tat of my phone on wood
The alarm alarming me from my sleepy slumber.
The hush of a quiet house,
The tippy toe of my feet on tiles
The children sunken in sunken beds.
The LK Bennett dress I got for a steal.
The keys, the door, the car engines roar.
The heels that clickety clack on cobbles
The morning sun on my face
The glow it makes in the world,
The feeling I’m alive
The feeling that I get when I walk over that bridge
The breath of the wind.
The “must have” large Americano
The middle aged man in the corner
The smile on his face each morning
The smoke swirling from his porridge,
The glance he gives me.
The rummage for change
The noise of the coffee machine,
The smell, oh the smell.
The one sugar and just enough milk,
The goodbyes and thank you’s
The good day to you sir to the man in the corner
The knowing nod he gives me,
The mans got class.
The office suits in navy and black
The girls that don’t look at you,
The swagger they got…
The perfectly groomed hair they got…
The wishing you were skinny like them,
The pursing of their perfect lips,
The smell of their leather handbags
The diamonds they got….
The waiting and waiting for the lift,
The cramped uncomfortable silence of it,
The no eye contact rule,
The smell of aftershave,
The starched crisp white shirts,
The hotties and the notties,
The invisible man in the lift that says “Fourth Floor”
The rush and fumbles,
The patient smiles,
The day begins…
The day begins and I got my coffee,
Oh the smugness’ I got…..



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