Jack McCann – Warlock and Witch

jack-kosovaJack McCann has been writing seriously for the past few years and attends KARA (under Maire Holmes) and Oughterard (under Pete Mullineaux) Writers’ groups. He has published two collections of poetry, Turning on a Sixpence in 2011 and Escaped Thoughts in 2012. He is included in two anthologies, Off the Cuff (KARA) in 2012 and Oughterard Voices in 2013. He has written plays and is currently finishing a novel.

Warlock and Witch

A Play

By Jack McCann


Jim Morressey………………………………………..Hand SurgeonNoreen Morressey………………………………………..Jim’s Wife
1st Assailant …………………………………………………Warlock
2nd Assailant ……………………………………………………Spike
Witch…………………………………………….Warlock’s Partner
Molly…………………………………………….….Spike’s Partner
Vanguard Alarms…………….………………………………..Voice
Goon / Tomo…………………………………………………….Voice
Garda………………..…………………………….…Guard Nugent
Kathleen……………………………………Jim’s Secretary’s Voice

Act 1


  Jim and his wife Noreen are in bed asleep.

The phone on the bedside table rings. 

NOREEN          Jim! The phone! Will you wake up! (Putting on the bedside light)

JIM                    (Sleepily) What time is it?

NOREEN          (Looks at the clock) It’s Five thirty!

JIM                    Who’s ringing at this hour of the morning?

He picks up the phone on his side of the bed.

Hello! Jim Morressey here!

VANGUARD   This is Vanguard Alarms. Sorry to bother you Mr. Morressey. The alarm has gone off at your premises!

Jim gets up and starts getting dressed.

JIM                    Not again! It went off last night as well. It was a false alarm and it was not       stormy at all! Will you get the engineer out tomorrow to check the system?

VANGUARD    Will do! Will you be in to switch it off?

JIM                    (With tired voice) I’ll be there in twenty minutes.

VANGUARD    That’s great! Thanks.

NOREEN          Do you want me to come with you?

JIM                    No! You’re fine. Go back to sleep and I’ll bring you breakfast in bed when

I’m home.

NOREEN          Lovely! I’ll look forward to that. Have you your phone and glasses?

JIM                    Yes dear!

                                 Noreen settles down to sleep. Jim kisses her on the forehead, turns off the bedside light and leaves.

Lights down

Scene 2

             Jim walks up to a Georgian door with bunch of keys in hand. Security light comes on. He sees the alarm light on the wall flashing and hears the alarm sounding inside the door.

     There is a brass plate on the wall next to the door with Jim Morressey’s name on it, as well as Consultant Plastic Surgeon. He puts the key in the lock. Suddenly two balaclava clad men jump out and push him up against the door.

 JIM                     What the hell!

One of them turns the key and they push him inside.

LOCKIE              Turn off the fucking alarm! Do it! (as he holds a gun to Jim’s head)

                                     Jim does as he is told and punches four digits into a small screen. The alarm switches off.

LOCKIE            Are you James Morressey, the Surgeon?

JIM                    Yes! Why?

SPIKE               Never mind why! Which is your office?

JIM                      There! (Pointing to an adjacent door)

                                      They push him towards his office and through the door. Jim turns on a light. He notices a broken window pane.

JIM                      What’s this all about? There’s no money here!

LOCKIE              It’s not your money we’re after. It’s you!

JIM                      What do you want me for?

LOCKIE              We want you to take out a bullet.

JIM                      A bullet! From where?

LOCKIE            An arm! The right arm! You are a Hand Surgeon, aren’t you?

As he raises his gun and points it at Jim’s head.

JIM                      Yes I am! Where’s the patient?

SPIKE               Never mind where! We want you to get whatever gear you need to take out this bullet and whatever else you need so we can get out of here.

JIM                    I only have a few sterilized instruments here.

SPIKE             Will you be able to take out the bullet?

JIM                      I need to ask some questions! When did it happen?

SPIKE                 A day and a half ago!

JIM                     Is there a temperature? Sweating? Delirium?

LOCKIE              Yes all of that!

JIM                      The patient needs a hospital theatre and Intensive care!

SPIKE                 We haven’t got it. Now can you help or not? Otherwise you are no good to us! (as he puts his pistol to Jim’s head).

            Jim hurriedly takes out a bag and starts putting in instruments and dressings, syringes, needles, bottles, gloves, stethoscope and blood pressure machine and a torch from different drawers.

JIM                      Right! I’m ready!

LOCKIE              Let’s go!

SPIKE                 First! Give me your wallet and mobile phone.

    Jim hands over his wallet and phone. Spike holds and looks at Jim’s wedding ring on his fourth finger, opens the wallet and phones a number.

SPIKE                 His address is 25 Sunshine Road. (Looking at the wallet)

JIM                      Leave my wife out of it! You don’t need her!

SPIKE                 Insurance! Any problem with you and she gets it! Now let’s get out of here!

They all leave


Lights Down


Scene 3

            Jim with a bag over his head and wrists bound with cable ties is pushed through a door into a dimmed room. The bag is removed and the cable ties are cut from his wrists. There is woman lying on a sofa with a blood stained bandage on her right arm. She is sweating profusely, shaking and is delirious. Jim approaches quickly, takes her pulse, then feels her forehead.

JIM                    I need more light!

            Lockie turns up the lights and Jim looks at the patient more closely.

                          For Christ’s sake she needs a hospital now! You never said the patient was a


SPIKE                 Is it important? She’s one of us!

LOCKIE              Probably the toughest!

JIM                    I need boiling water! And ice! Or a pack of frozen peas or some such ! We need to get her temperature down and clean her wound!

SPIKE                 You need to get her temperature down! Leave us out of it.

JIM                    (turns on Lockie)  Listen! I can’t do this on my own. Either you help or we give this up right now! (Spike sleeks away, taken aback by the force of Jim’s words)

LOCKIE           We’ll help! We’ll all help! (he looks at Spike) I’ll get the ice! You get the boiling water! (to Spike)

JIM                     First, get me a glass of water. I’ll give her dissolvable paracetamol.

  Both leave. Jim contemplates leaving but returns to the patient again. He takes tablets out of his bag. Lockie brings in a glass of water and gives it to Jim who drops the tablets in it and they dissolve. He lifts her head slightly and tries to get her to drink. She drinks it.

JIM                      Great! That’s a start! Now! The ice!

                          Lockie leaves again. Jim then sets up a drip and gets I.V. antibiotics ready, drawing them up into a syringe. The ice arrives.

JIM                    Put it around her face and forehead, then get me something to hang this drip on. The back of that chair will do!

  Jim then injects the antibiotics into the drip. The boiling water is brought in. Jim puts on gloves and starts stripping the wound of the blood stained bandages and puts them in a plastic bag. He looks carefully at the wound and then examines the forearm and hand. He sticks a needle in the back and front of the right hand. The woman pulls back her hand each time.

JIM                  She seems to have feeling! There is a lot of swelling but the circulation is holding its own. Slide that coffee table to me and we’ll rest her arm on it.

  They slide the table in under the arm. Jim then opens out the instruments and puts them on a sterile sheet on the table. He also pours some sterile cleaning liquid into a container. He then injects around the wound.

JIM                      This is local anaesthetic. Hopefully she will let me explore the wound with it. It’s all I’ve got!

  He washes his hands and asks Lockie to do the same. He asks Spike  to take off his belt and put it around the top of her arm and tighten it as a tourniquet when he gives the word. They dry their hands and put on sterile gloves. Jim holds the arm up and asks Spike for the belt to be tightened.  Jim then cleans the wound and extends it up and down the arm. He gives Lockie  a forceps with gauze in it and asks him to dry the wound. Jim then puts a forceps down deep into the wound.

JIM                      Great! I feel it! I’ll try and get the forceps around it!

He withdraws the forceps slowly and extracts the bullet.

                            Now! That’s the easy part!

WARLOCK        You mean we are not finished?

JIM                      We are finished here for the present except for washing out the wound again. I can’t close it. I need to let it drain and the swelling go down. You can take the tourniquet off now (to Spike).

Jim puts a bandage on the arm wound.

JIM                      I can repair the wound later if she makes it!

WARLOCK        Are you saying she may not make it?

JIM                      That’s exactly what I’m saying!

LOCKIE              She better make it Doc!

JIM                      I would impress on you she should be in an Intensive care Unit. You can see how delirious she is! She’s in septic shock! She may die at any time! Don’t you care for her enough to get her to hospital? Now that the bullet is gone you can say she fell on something sharp!  No one will know!

SPIKE                 The bullet! What did you do with the bullet?

LOCKIE              It’s here. (As he picks it up and puts it in his pocket)  I’m keeping it for Witch.

JIM                      Who’s Witch?

LOCKIE              That’s Witch! (Pointing to the woman) That’s what she is known as!

JIM                      And what is your name?

LOCKIE              I’m Warlock!  Lockie for short!  Witch is my woman.

JIM                      And who’s that? (Pointing to Spike)

LOCKIE              That’s Spike!

SPIKE               That’s enough of that! She does not leave here! (Pointing to Witch) Too      many people are looking for her and us!

JIM                      Ah! It’s coming to me now! Were you involved in the security-car heist two days ago when a security guard and a garda were killed?

LOCKIE            That was us! You should have seen how Witch fought. (He looks proudly at her)

JIM                      But look at her now!

LOCKIE              (he looks at Jim) Doc look after her! Get her out of this!

JIM                     I’ll do my best but look at this place! It’s far from an Intensive Care!

LOCKIE              I don’t like it either but it’ll have to do! Now! Get on with it!

Jim takes her temperature

JIM                      It’s still high! We need more ice! More ice!

  Lockie rushes out and comes back with ice. As they put the ice on her she starts to have a seizure. They turn her on her side as she fits and shakes.


Lights down  



Scene 4

 Jim, with his wrists strapped to the arms of a chair, wakes and tries to move.      He gets up and carries the chair with him to Witch who is still sweating, is red faced and delirious.

JIM                    Let me out of this! I need to examine her!

Lockie comes over and cuts the ties binding his wrists. Jim feels her pulse and takes her temperature.

JIM                    I need more ice!

LOCKIE            There’s no more ice!

JIM                    Well get some! There must be a supermarket or pub nearby. She needs it and


LOCKIE            Spike! Will you go out and get some ice from anywhere!

JIM                    Frozen veg will do!

SPIKE               We should lie low. They’ll be looking for us everywhere! We were lucky to                                     get to this safe house.

LOCKIE            And remember who got it for us! Witch! Isn’t it worth it for Witch?

SPIKE               Yeah! Maybe for you it is. She’s your woman but my life is another thing!

LOCKIE            C’mon Spike! For Witch! We have been through a lot together and hasn’t

she made us rich?

SPIKE               Yeah I know! But it’s not wise going out now! Why don’t we get Molly to

bring it to us! She could be here within the hour on her motor bike! She

knows the house.

LOCKIE          Ok! Get her to get as much as she can carry. Ask her to bring some of today’s  newspapers to see what sort of search is going on for us! And not a word to anyone!

SPIKE               Ok!

Spike takes out his phone, goes to the corner of the room and makes a call.

JIM                    (to Lockie) We need it as soon as possible! I don’t know if she is going to          be alive in an hour! The seizure she had is a direct result of her high temperature. The antibiotics have not kicked in yet and may not for another   twelve hours!

LOCKIE            Your job is to keep her alive! Get it? Do what you need to do that!

JIM                    Can you get me some water? She needs more paracetamol!

Lockie leaves and Jim takes out paracetamol. He puts them into the

                                     water and indicates to Lockie to lift Witch’s head and he gives her

                                     the drink saying

JIM                    Come on Witch! Drink! Drink all of it!

                                  She drinks, mumbles and is restless. Jim then sits in a nearby chair and

                                  watches her. Lockie is holding her hand. Jim gets up again and

                                  approaches them.

JIM                    Look Lockie! I appeal to you, that if you love this woman as I think you do,

you need to get her to hospital quick! Otherwise, you’ll have her death on

your conscience for the rest of your life!

                                    Lockie was taken aback at the ferocity of Jim’s approach.

                                    He picks up Witch’s hand and kisses it. He is thinking of what Jim has                                                                                                                                                said.

LOCKIE            She was always one for taking risks. I’ll risk it! She stays here! Do your best

for her!

JIM                    I’ll do that but in return I need to know how my wife is! Let me talk to her! I

need to know she is alright and that your goon hasn’t harmed her. It’s in your


LOCKIE            Very well!

He dials a number on his mobile

                          I want you to talk to the Doc! Then let him talk to his wife.

(To Jim)  Just for the record, she is not at your home now!

He passes the phone to Jim

JIM                    Hello Noreen!

GOON              Just hold on a minute!

NOREEN          Jim! Is that you love? (She starts crying)

JIM                    Yes Noreen! Are you alright?

NOREEN          I’m ok! I’m in a van somewhere! What’s happening?

The phone is switched off and Lockie replaces it in his pocket.

LOCKIE           Are you happy? Now carry out your side of the bargain! Keep her alive!

Jim walks over to Witch, feels her pulse and takes her temperature.

JIM                    Can you get me some cold wet cloths!

Lockie leaves and comes back with the cloths. He puts them on her

forehead and upper chest. Spike comes over to Lockie.

SPIKE               Molly is on the way. She’ll be here within the hour.

LOCKIE            Thanks Spike!

SPIKE               Do you want a beer?

LOCKIE            Yeah! Go on! It’ll help settle my nerves. Doc! Do you want a beer?

JIM                    No thanks! (Pause) Do you have brandy?

SPIKE               I’ll see. (He goes into the back room)

LOCKIE            Doc! I don’t want you drunk here!

JIM                    It’s for her! (Pointing to Witch)

                                    Spike comes back with two bottles of beer, a bottle of brandy and a

                                    glass for Jim. He puts a measure of brandy into the glass and gives it

                                    to Witch. She starts to cough, opens her eyes, lifts her head and

                                    looks around. She then lies back down. Lockie comes over to her,

                                    holds her hand and whispers in her ear. Jim sits back in the chair

                                    and  puts the brandy on the table. Spike comes over to him and fastens

                                    his wrists to the arms of the chair with cable ties.

JIM                    Is there need for these? You have my wife!

SPIKE               feel safer with them on you!

JIM                    So you’re afraid I’ll run away?

SPIKE               Maybe!

LOCKIE            Doc! I’m going to make beans on toast. Do you want some?

JIM                    (Slowly) That! would be nice!


Lights down



Scene 5

  Molly, with haversack on back comes in with motor cycle helmet, wearing leathers. She goes straight to Spike and gives him a hug and kiss. She gives Warlock a hug and gives him the haversack and he immediately takes out the ice and newspapers and Warlock puts some of the ice on Witch’s forehead and chest. Molly goes over to Witch who is sleeping and looks down on her. Jim looks at this cool, sophisticated woman floating around the room who totally ignores him. She lands on Spikes knee as he reads the papers, whispers in his ear and he responds likewise. He scans the papers and reads a short section in each. They are startled by a knock on the door. Spike whispers to Molly, then gets up and hides behind the door, while Molly answers the door.

MOLLY            Who’s there?

POSTMAN       It’s the postman!

MOLLY            I’m not expecting any mail!

POSTMAN       I’ve got a registered parcel here for Lockie Smith. It needs to be signed for!

                          Molly opens the door slightly and signs for the parcel. She takes it inside and closes the door. She gives it to Lockie.

MOLLY            For you Lockie!

LOCKIE            Who is sending me a parcel?

                                    He opens it and reads a card.

LOCKIE            It’s from Witch for my birthday! She must have ordered it a few days ago.

He strips off the paper and lifts out a tablet

                          It’s a tablet!

SPIKE               Why did she get you that?

LOCKIE            I’ve been talking about getting one, for road maps and navigation, for planning  getaways! It’s very mobile. And you can get internet on it if there’s WiFi.  I’ll have to learn to set it up.

JIM                    I can help you if you want?

LOCKIE          Thanks! I’d like that.

                               There is some movement from Witch. She half gets up and tries to open her eyes and look around.

LOCKIE          Doc! She’s moving!

                                Jim shows him his bound wrists. Lockie rushes over to him and cuts his       

                              ties. Jim goes to Witch and feels her pulse and forehead.

JIM                  Her temperature is down and her pulse is stronger!

LOCKIE          Good on you Doc! (as he claps Jim on the back).

WITCH           (Groggily)  Did I taste brandy?

Lockie hugs her as Jim steps away.

LOCKIE          Welcome back Witch! You gave us a bit of a fright.

WITCH           Why what did I do?

LOCKIE          Do! You sweated like a pig! You were delirious! You had a fit!

WITCH           Is that all? That sounds like I was at a party!

Who’s this?  (as she looks at Jim)

WARLOCK    This is the Doc we got for you! Jim Morressey.

JIM                  Kidnapped for you!

WITCH           Is he any good Lockie?

WARLOCK    He brought you back from hell! The hell you were in!

WITCH           Saved me from hell! Are you God then? (to Jim)

JIM                  Are you Lazarus?

WITCH           So I was that bad!

JIM                  Yes! And you are not out of the woods yet!

WITCH           Why? I feel good now! Am I not sitting here talking to you?

JIM                  Any fool can see that but experience tells me you have a long way to go! I suggest – No, I appeal to you as I have appealed to Lockie and Spike to get you to hospital and be fully treated.

WITCH           You appealed to them? To take me to Hospital! And they refused! (as she looks at her men) They know me too well! I am proud they refused! That is what I would have said then as well as now!

JIM                  So be it then. Your life is in your own hands.

LOCKIE          No! It’s still in your hands Doc. As said before, keep her alive!

WITCH           So sweet! Don’t you think? True love!

JIM                  Love can be foolish and blind. Love is not going to stop high temperatures, delirium and seizures!

WITCH           You’re not giving up, are you? You nag like a little terrier wanting to go for a walk.

JIM                  I wish it was so simple.

WITCH           I will show you it is!

JIM                  You will not need me anymore so! Can I go now?

LOCKIE          You haven’t sewn her arm yet!

WITCH           Is the bullet gone?

LOCKIE          Yes! It’s gone! I have it here. I kept it for you (as he shows her the bullet). I was going to get it put on a necklace for you.

WITCH           Thanks! But no thanks! It would be too close to my heart Lock! Well let’s get on with sewing up my arm. It feels ok! (as she flexes her wrist and fingers)

JIM                  The swelling will not have gone down enough to close it!

WITCH           When will you know?

JIM                  I will look at the wound tomorrow and decide. You need more antibiotics in the meantime.

WITCH           Well let’s get on with it! Antibiotics now, dressing tomorrow! Where’s the chef around here? I’m starving! I could do with a steak. Looks like you could do with one too Doc!

JIM                  That I could but I had the beans on toast!

Lights down

Scene 6

                                    Witch has just finished her meal and is giving her plate to Molly. Jim is sitting in the chair. There is no one else in the room.

WITCH           Ah! That’s better! Molly! You haven’t lost it! (Molly smiles at her and leaves the room with the plate) Those antibiotics must have given me an appetite. Doc! Pass me that beer. The sweating drained me! I know I shouldn’t be drinking with the antibiotics but leave me be! I need it!

JIM                  I’m not saying a word. You won’t heed me anyway.

WITCH           Ah! Don’t feel like that! I do appreciate what you have done for me. Lockie thinks you are a right hero. Tell me about yourself.

JIM                  I have a wife and two kids, both in College. So we are alone in the house.

WITCH           Where did you train?

JIM                  Dublin! London! Australia!

WITCH           What was Australia like? I always wanted to go there. Start a new life!

JIM                  It’s a good place. Weather is great! Can be a bit too hot at times! People spend more time outdoors. They are very like the Irish – laid back!

WITCH           Maybe when all this fuss is over I’ll escape there with Lock. Since you are a Plastic Surgeon, I bet you get asked a lot of questions about face lifts and boob jobs!

JIM                  Yes I do! What do you want to know?

WITCH           Can you change my face? Give me a new identity?

JIM                  I will give you the name of someone who specializes in it. You can kidnap him instead! (They both laugh)

WITCH           A Doc with a sense of humour!

JIM                  A witch who can’t put a spell on herself to change her appearance!

They laugh again. He goes to take her pulse.

WITCH           I really want to thank you for saving my life.

She catches him by the front of his shirt and pulls him close to her. She tries to kiss him but he pulls away nervously.

Don’t be afraid!

JIM                  I’m not afraid! I’m married!  And you’re Lockies!

WITCH           I’m not Lockies! He’s mine!

JIM                  Either way it would be cheating on him and it would interfere with our doctor – patient relationship. I could be struck off the medical register!

WITCH           I won’t tell anyone! There’s no one here!

JIM                  (Slowly) I must say no!

WITCH           That is the first time anyone has turned me down. I’m not too sure I like it! I want you and I want you now! I know you want me too if you can get those scruples out of your head.

JIM                  I couldn’t treat you objectively if I did and you need me to look after you!

WITCH           A woman needs looking after in many different ways by a man she fancies. Who the hell cares if he is a doctor or not! It is the man in him that counts.

JIM                  I thank you for being so frank, for fancying me. But I am not that man!

WITCH           Holy shit! You pious sanctimonious bastard! Have it your way then. You won’t get another chance.

JIM                  You! Have been given a second chance! Can’t you see that? Make the best use of it and live without someone trying to kill you everywhere you turn.

WITCH           You care that much for me? You just don’t want to be taking more bullets out of me!

JIM                  True! Not in a hellhole like this!

WITCH           This “hellhole” is someone’s home. Everyone does not have what you have got! Many people are brought up in “hellholes” like this!

JIM                  And some turn out to be fine people. Others turn out to be robbers, kidnappers and killers!

WITCH           You don’t let up, do you? A woman asks for some love and she gets all this shit instead. We could have been blissfully happy in each other’s arms if you took the chance.

JIM                  I would have enjoyed it no doubt. Would have given it passion and energy. But I would have regretted it the rest of my life. Every time I would look at my wife I would see you! Every time I would make love I would feel you! Can’t you see it would wreck my head!

WITCH           Wow! I wouldn’t want all that to happen, now would I? Me! Flashing in front of your eyes in the bath, at the kitchen table, in the bedroom! I’ve got more spells than I thought!  And to top it, you would feel me under you! I would be immortal! What woman would not love to be thought of like that? I’m feeling randy just thinking of it! But it’s not to be! Witch! You are losing your power!

JIM                  Listen! You should be resting!

WITCH           Witch is not for resting. Time enough for that when I’m gone!

JIM                  Why are you called Witch?

WITCH           You are changing the subject, you bastard! Very well then! When I was little my mother called me Witch. I had a hooked nose and pointed chin. She was disgusted with me! All the kids called me Witch. I took a hammer to it in my teens and the doctors did the rest. But the name stuck. Not a bad job, eh? I’ve got fond of the name over the years. It’s part of who I am. Where I come from! This hellhole!

JIM                  Why did you get into a life of crime?

WITCH           I wanted what others had. I couldn’t get a job with my schooling so I stole. Guns came along. It prompted people to hand over their valuables more quickly when you pointed a gun at them. Then they started firing at us and we fired back. And so we are here!

JIM                  How did you meet Lockie and Spike?

WITCH           They were small time criminals working together. We met robbing the same house one night. We have been together four years now. Lockie has always fancied me. Spike has Molly. She knows what’s going on and gets high on what we’re doing but does not get involved usually.

JIM                  Do you not find it risky doing what your doing?

WITCH           Sure it’s risky! What other ways does a woman get thrills? You know we have been involved in most of the big robberies in the past few years. This is the first time I’ve got injured and it’s not too bad!

JIM                  Are you going to continue after this major warning?

WITCH           What else have I got? Things don’t change that much when you get a bullet!

JIM                  They do if the bullet kills you!

WITCH           You are a pessimistic bastard!

JIM                  I tell it as I see it!

WITCH           Then you don’t have to worry about it! Listen! Do you have any painkillers? I’m getting a throbbing headache!

                                  Jim takes out two paracetamol and gives them to Witch with a glass of

waterHe takes her temperature, pulse and blood pressure as she lies


JIM                  Your temperature is up again and your pulse is weaker!

WITCH           It’s all that talking! It’s more than I would say in a whole year!

JIM                  The infection is back I’m afraid! We need to cool you again. Lockie! Spike! We need more ice! Ice!

Lights down

Scene 7


JIM                  I need to speak to my wife! I need to know she is alright! Its thirty six hours since we were kidnapped! It will settle me for reviewing Witch’s wound and hopefully repairing it.

LOCKIE          Ok! No funny stuff!

JIM                  What do you mean “funny stuff”? You have the guns! We’re both hostages! What’s funny in that?

LOCKIE          You know what I mean. (he dials a number) Put his wife on the phone.

JIM                  Noreen! Are you there?

NOREEN        Jim! Oh Jim! I’m frightened!

JIM                  Are you alright?

NOREEN        Yes! I’m Ok! A little hungry and thirsty! And you?

The phone is then disconnected

JIM                  She’s hungry and thirsty! Get her some food and drink!

LOCKIE          Ok! You get on and start taking down the dressing. I will ask my “goon”!

                          He then dials out the number again and talks on the phone while Jim puts on gloves and takes down the dressing.

WITCH           (irritated and sweaty) Well! What’s it like?

JIM                  It’s pussy! It needs to be washed out and redressed. Some of the swelling has gone down but not enough to repair it. I’m going to put in a drain. Lockie! Open a packet of sterile gloves for me please! I’ll use part of a glove as a drain.

                                  He washes the wound, inserts a piece of glove into the wound and dresses it. He gives another dose of antibiotics intravenously.

JIM                  I’m upping your dose of antibiotics. I want you drinking more water or tea. Start with this. (As he gives her a glass of water. She drinks it) You have to go to hospital!

WITCH           No! Treat me here! Like you did before!

JIM                  But it didn’t work before!

WITCH           I came round didn’t I?

JIM                  It was like you were in the eye of a storm! Now, the storm is back!

WITCH           Well fight it then!

JIM                  I don’t have strong enough antibiotics!

WITCH           We’ll get them for you. What do you need? Give the list to Lockie.  (to Lockie) Lockie do the needful! There’s the pharmacy five miles away.

JIM                  I will give you a prescription! (he starts to write the names of the drugs)

SPIKE             Are you kiddin’? Your name will be on the missing list and it could be tracked to the Pharmacy. We’ll get the drugs our way! We’ll go on Molly’s bike. Molly! Keep an eye and a gun on the Doc. I don’t trust him!

MOLLY          Leave him to me!

SPIKE             C’mon Lockie!

                        Spike takes the paper from Jim and they both leave. Molly holds the pistol at the ready. Jim takes Witch’s temperature and encourages her to drink. He then sits down and watches Witch. Molly walks over to Witch and points the gun at her. Witch and Jim are totally surprised!

MOLLY          You don’t know how many times I wanted to do this to you! You have Spike caught up in your deadly deeds. I want him back and the only way is with you out of the way. I will blame Doc here and I’ll waste him after you with another gun.

WITCH           Before you do, do you want to know where I stashed some money? Come closer, I don’t want Doc to hear.

                                Molly comes closer and Witch produces a gun from her side and shoots Molly. Molly drops holding her chest as blood stains her blouse. Jim is shocked.

WITCH           I never liked her anyway. She thought she was too good for all of us!

Jim goes over to Molly and takes her neck pulse

JIM                  She’s gone!

WITCH           (lies back and says slowly) I don’t miss! Let that be a warning to you. So don’t leave my side!  Now that I have saved your life, we’re even! Ah! This headache! Have you something stronger to give me? (As she holds her forehead)

JIM                  I have put strong painkillers on the list that Lockie has. Hopefully, they will get them for you.

WITCH           They will! They will not let me down.

Jim puts more cloths on her forehead

Lights down



                       Lockie and Spike re-enter the room with haversack. Jim is helping Witch to drink. Lockie puts the haversack on the table and takes out the drugs. Jim gets them ready for injecting and injects them into Witch. He does the same with the analgesics.

JIM                  This should take away your pain. It’ll probably make you sleepy!

WITCH           The sooner the better.

SPIKE             (After looking around) Where’s Molly? And what’s that smell? It’s like gunpowder!

WITCH           (pointing over the back of the couch) Molly tried to kill me. I was faster.

As she lifts the gun from her side. Spike is taken aback, smells the barrel and then gets down on his knees and cradles Molly.

Do you not trust me Spike?

SPIKE             I trust you Witch! But I can’t understand why she pulled a gun on you!

WITCH           She thought I was a bad influence on you! If I was out of the way she would have you for herself! Away from a life of crime! Now after you say your goodbyes, I suggest you and Lockie get rid of the body. I’m alright here! Doc’s going nowhere!

SPIKE             Did you have to kill her?

WITCH           It was her or me! Right Doc?

JIM                  Right! That’s the way it was Spike!

       Spike kisses Molly on the forehead. Then he and Lockie roll Molly up in a rug and leave with her. Jim sits and watches and can’t believe what’s happening. He shakes his head, gets up and starts walking around. He then takes Witch’s pulse and feels her forehead. The two men re-enter.

LOCKIE          (To Witch) She’s in Doc’s car! We’ll get rid of her when it’s dark, in the forest.  

JIM                  Sounds like you’ve done this before!

LOCKIE          What you don’t know won’t hurt you! (Then lowly to Jim) Listen Doc! What’s her chances now?

JIM                  It depends on these antibiotics! She really needs them! How did you get them?

Lockie points to the pistol in his belt. Jim raises his eyebrows.

                        I’m sorry I asked!

SPIKE             Doc! Did it really happen like Witch said?

JIM                  Exactly! She was going to kill her first and then me with a different gun! She had it all worked out Spike.

SPIKE             Bloody hell! Molly you bitch! You dead bitch!

Spike walks out

LOCKIE          I never thought Molly had it in her! But she should have known better than to pull a gun on Witch!

 JIM                 Witch was very slick! Totally unruffled by it all! Now! Look at her sleeping!

LOCKIE          That’s Witch! But you have me worried this time Doc! Do you think she will die?

JIM                  Truth!

LOCKIE          Give it to me!

JIM                  Yes! I think she may die!

LOCKIE          Ah! Go on Doc! She’s a strong one!

JIM                  Strength is nothing to do with it! You saw the seizure she had! How she twitched and shook. It was out of her control. Our control! I don’t know about you but I like to be in control and this is freaking me out! Get her to Hospital! End all this! Leave her on the doorstep or let me bring her in. She’ll stand a chance then.

LOCKIE          Let’s see if these antibiotics work first! But I’ll think about it.

JIM                  Well that’s a start! But don’t take too long.

LOCKIE          Will you have a beer Doc?

JIM                  Yeah! Go on! We both could do with one.

Lights down


Scene 9

                        Witch is crying and is then laughing and talking to herself. She is sweating and has occasional rigors. Jim is cooling her with ice and cold cloths. Lockie is pacing up and down. Spike is sitting in the corner.

 LOCKIE         Doc! Do something! Can’t you calm her?

JIM                  I’m doing my best! Get me more ice! And see if there is a fan around!

                        Lockie gets the ice and looks for a fan. Jim puts the ice on her. Spike is not interested and is cleaning his gun.

LOCKIE          That’s the last of the ice and there’s no fan!

JIM                  Her temperature is rising! We’ll have to put her into a cold bath if it doesn’t start falling! You do have a bath?

LOCKIE          Yeah! There’s a bath!

                        There’s a knock on the door. They are all stuck to the floor initially then Spike approaches Jim pointing his gun at him. Lockie motions to be quiet and goes to the door as there is a second knock.

LOCKIE          HELLO! Who’s there?

GARDA           This is Garda Nugent!

LOCKIE          Just a minute Garda.

He unbolts the door and opens it.

LOCKIE          You can never be too careful guard! What can I do for you way out here?

GARDA           Two robbers came out this way on a maroon motor-bike. They robbed the local pharmacy at gunpoint. You didn’t see such a bike did you?

LOCKIE          No guard! I have been in for the past few hours.

GARDA           Well, be on the lookout! They’re dangerous!

                        Witch starts crying again and Spike tries to gag her making her more frantic. The Garda hears her and is curious.

LOCKIE          It’s the mother Guard! She’s a bit loopy! Doctor said it was de… de.

GARDA           Dementia!

LOCKIE          The very thing! She’s on a waiting list for a nursing home.

GARDA           Poor soul! My uncle has the same! You’re not from around here are you?

LOCKIE          No! I’m renting the house for a year. I’m writing a book and I need the peace and quiet

GARDA           Well normally you wouldn’t get a quieter place!

LOCKIE          Mother usually sleeps a lot of the day so I can get on with it.

GARDA          I’d better be off! I’m going from house to house. We know they came this far out the main road.

LOCKIE          Thanks for warning me Guard.

GARDA           ‘Bye now!

LOCKIE          ‘Bye!

                                    Lockie waves goodbye and closes the door and leans up against it. He sighs deeply. He re-enters the sitting room. Spike takes the gun away from Jim’s face.

LOCKIE          That was close! He heard Witch crying! I thought he was going to barge in and want to see her! How is she now Doc?

JIM                  She’s a little quieter as you can see. Her temperature has come down a bit.

LOCKIE          Lets put the bath on hold in case the guard comes back!

  Spike goes to the window

SPIKE               Hush! The cop is out the back sniffing around! He’s going to the shed!

LOCKIE            He’ll see the bike! He’ll know it’s us!

SPIKE               If he looks in the car he might be able to see Molly in the rug!

LOCKIE            Yeah of course!

SPIKE               We better jump him before he gets a message off! You watch Doc and I’ll bring him in.

LOCKIE          Ok! But watch out! There might be a second cop out there!

                                  Spike creeps out gun in hand while Lockie holds his gun to Jim’s head. Spike pushes the guard with his hands in the air into the room with his gun. The guard looks around at the scene in front of him. Spike motions him to sit in the chair which he does.

SPIKE             Arms on the chair! Quick!

                        He puts cable ties on the guards wrists and fixes them to the arms of the chair.

                          Now! How did you get here?

GARDA             By car! My car is down the lane!

SPIKE               Who’s with you?

GARDA           No one! I’m on my own. (He sees Witch) She looks pretty bad. Shouldn’t you get her to a doctor?

LOCKIE          She has a doctor! (as he nods at Jim)

JIM                  I’ve been kidnapped too!

GARDA           So that’s why you raided the Pharmacy! The Pharmacist has a massive headache from the blow on the head!

SPIKE             Good! Now shut up on the commentary or you’ll have one too! I need some answers and I need them fast! Are there any road blocks set up?

GARDA           (Nervously) You’ll have to find out for yourself!

                          Spike getting mad, grabs him by the collar and drags him/walks him to behind the sofa. He shows him Molly’s blood.

SPIKE             That’s the blood of someone who did not cooperate! Do you want yours spilt beside it?  Because you’re pushing me!

LOCKIE          Do you have a family?

GARDA           Yes!

LOCKIE          Well you don’t want to upset Spike or your whole family will be very upset!

GARDA           Ok! Ok! I’ll answer!

Spike drags him back to where the chair was.

SPIKE             Why were you snoopin’ out the back?

GARDA           I saw motor-bike tracks in the mud on the lane and at the side of the house. That’s why!

SPIKE             Are there road blocks lookin’ for us?

GARDA           There’s one ten miles out the western road. That’s the only one!

SPIKE             Are you using helicopter surveillance?

GARDA           No! Because there has been no definite sighting or chase!

SPIKE             Are they bringing in any extra cops?

GARDA           There are two coming tomorrow! That’s all they can spare!

                        Spike puts a gag in the garda’s mouth and also a blindfold over his eyes.

SPIKE             That’s enough for now! Don’t be stupid! Think of your family!

                          Spike turns the chair away from the group. Witch starts moaning and moving. Jim feels her forehead.

JIM                  I need more wet cloths!

Lockie rushes out and gets some.  Jim puts them on her face. He checks her tongue.  

LOCKIE          Can’t you give her more antibiotics?

JIM                  No! It’s too soon! The last dose will be acting shortly if the infection is sensitive to them!

WITCH           Lockie! Lockie! Are you there?

LOCKIE          I’m here Witch! I’m here! Can I get you anything?

WITCH           Nothing Lock! I just want to know you’re there.

                          She lifts her head and looks around slowly. She sees the garda in his uniform and takes out her gun and points it at him.

                        There’s a cop in the room! (As she rubs her eyes)

LOCKIE          Yeah! We’ve got it under control. Put down the gun! You sleep Witch.

She lowers the gun slowly by her side and looks at Lockie.

WITCH           Give me some of that brandy Lock! (as she squeezes his hand) A good stiff  one!

                        Lockie pours one and holds it for her as she drinks it. She sees Jim then.

                        Doc! The headache is gone! That was good stuff you gave me!

She coughs and lies back. Spike comes back in.

SPIKE             (To Lockie) How is she?

LOCKIE          She’s better! She asked for a brandy and drank it a minute ago. I thought she was going to pop the cop!

SPIKE             Maybe we should! One less thing to worry about!

 The garda becomes restless as he listens.

 WITCH          (she starts to get up) How did he get here?

LOCKIE          He was sniffin’ around. We thought it best to bring him in. He would have found the bike!

WITCH             Spike! What do you want to do with this boyo?

SPIKE               I think we should waste him.

JIM                    For God’s sake he has a family! He’s no harm where he is!

WITCH             (Slowly) Doc! We didn’t ask you for your opinion.

JIM                    There’s been enough killing here!

Witch gets up and stands. She then approaches Jim.

WITCH             Don’t get involved in what’s none of your business. Understand?

JIM                    Yes! But I can’t treat you with bloodshed all around me!

WITCH           Some Doc you are! Afraid of blood! Who cares how it’s spilled! Harden up! Grow up even! Now back to yer man! (She addresses the garda) Now pig! Why should we not waste you? (She pulls off his gag)

GARDA           I can help you get out of here! I can drive you by the road block! And I have kids! Think of them!

WITCH           Have you a wife?

GARDA           Yes!

WITCH           Are you not concerned about her?

GARDA           Of course! She would be lost without me!

WITCH           Bullshit! You don’t care about her! You’re only thinking about yourself! You are worse than a turd! Spike! Where’s Molly now?

SPIKE             In Doc’s car – in a rug!

WITCH           Why don’t you and Lockie bury her! Give her a decent burial!

SPIKE             Yeah! Thanks Witch! I would like that. There’s a shovel and spade in the shed! Will you be ok with these two? (As he puts back on the gag)

WITCH           Of course! I’m back on top. Get me another beer Lockie will you! Before you go with Spike! (She puts her arm on Spikes shoulder)

LOCKIE          Sure thing Witch. (He goes and gets the beer and gives it to her. Then the two of them leave)

WITCH           Thanks Lock! Now don’t either of you try anything foolish (To Jim and the Garda).   I’m well enough to shoot straight. Doc! It looks like you have done it again. I’m standing! Fair play to you!

JIM                  I hope these antibiotics continue to work so I can get out of here!

WITCH           Don’t be in any rush Doc! No one is going anywhere! (as she sips her beer) Do you think that you will be able to sew me up soon?

JIM                  If your temperature stays down and the swelling goes down, I should be able to close it.

WITCH           I’ll feel a lot better when it’s done!

JIM                  So will I!

WITCH           I’m going to take a bath when the lads come back. Is that ok Doc?

JIM                  Yes! As long as you keep your arm out of it!

WITCH           That’s easy! You can hold it up for me!

Jim looks astounded

                        Only joking! I know how you feel. I’ll just have to do with Lockie! You can have Spike for company Doc! What’s your first name again?

JIM                  It’s Jim!

WITCH           Jim and Spike!

JIM                  I can’t but wonder that Spike is trigger happy and won’t he seek revenge for Molly?

WITCH           Don’t think I haven’t thought of that! I have been watchin’ him, in all my delirium. His loyalty is being tested at this stage. I’m not sure which way it’s going to go! He was very close to Molly.

JIM                  Yeah! They seemed close.

WITCH           Jim! What if the antibiotics don’t continue work! What happens then?

JIM                  The infection will go through you. You will get organ failure if you don’t get the right treatment.

WITCH           Aren’t you giving me the right treatment now?

JIM                  It’s too soon to say. Normally in a hospital I would have taken swabs to see what type of infection you’ve got and what would be the best antibiotic for you. So far I’ve only been going on experience. That’s all I can do. But infections change and you may need different antibiotics.

WITCH           Well here’s to your choice!

As she raises her beer. She then turns on the radio.” You’re my Hero” is playing.

This is my favourite song! Jim! Dance with me!

JIM                  I’m not sure we should!

WITCH           C’mon! It’s just a dance!

They start dancing and gradually get closer.

WITCH           It’s been so long since I did something like this. Like I haven’t been livin’!

JIM                  You’ve been living it up all right! Doing the sort of things that gets you killed!

WITCH           Yeah! This is different. Gives me the same raised hairs on my neck! The smell of a man’s body close to mine!

                        She looks into his eyes, and they connect. She comes closer and kisses him. He does not pull away this time. She rests her head on his shoulder as they continue dancing.

WITCH           Pity we didn’t meet twenty years ago! I could be a doctor’s wife now. Not having to work or take risks. I’d be lookin’ after my own kids rather than Lockie and Spike! I can see why your woman fell for you!

She again looks at his face and eyes

                        Jim! Tell me to shut up if I’m going on too much!

JIM                  You’re hard to fathom Witch! You kill without a thought and then you come over all soft and gentle. A woman of many parts!

WITCH           And all the parts are working except this arm fully. But it will before you are finished with me.

                        She puts her head on his shoulder and then Lockie and Spike walk in.

LOCKIE          (Angrily) What’s going on? Is the bastard comin’ on to you Witch?

WITCH           No Lockie! I just felt like dancin’ when I heard my song. Don’t be jealous though it’s nice that you care so much! C’mon, give me this dance!

As the music changes and” Don’t cry for me Argentina” comes on. Witch exchanges Jim for Lockie and they start dancing. Witch looks at Jim over Lockie’s shoulder and smiles. Jim sits down and watches them dance. Spike comes over to him.

SPIKE             I’d cut out your liver if I caught you dancin’ with my woman!

JIM                  I don’t think I’d fancy dancing on her grave. So there’s no hope of that!

SPIKE             You think you are a smartass dancin’ with Witch. Playin’ up to her! Well she’s not in charge anymore. I call the shots! So be careful, Doc! Be careful!

                          Jim walks away, picks up the tablet, makes the settings and takes a picture of the couple dancing. He leaves the tablet standing with the picture of them dancing.


Lights down

Picture stands out.

Scene 10

                        Witch is on the sofa lying down with Lockie asleep beside her. Jim and the garda are attached by their wrists to chairs and are asleep. Spike is propped up on the floor awake. Witch wakes up and is very hot. She wakes Lockie.

WITCH           Lockie! Wake up!  (Lockie wakes and turns to her)

LOCKIE          What’s wrong Witch?

WITCH           The headache is back and I’m sweating like a pig!

LOCKIE          I’ll get Doc!

                          Lockie gets up and goes over to the sleeping Jim. He cuts the cable ties and Jim wakens.

LOCKIE          Doc! Witch is bad again! And she has the headache back!

Jim quickly looks at her.

JIM                  She needs cold wet cloths! Quick!

WITCH           Maybe your choice was not so right after all Doc!

JIM                  Witch we’ve got to get you to a hospital as soon as possible!

                        Lockie returns with the cloths. They start to cover her face and neck.

                             Lockie we have to get her to hospital!

WITCH           No hospital Lockie! Not yet! I’ll recover again!

Lockie goes over to Spike.

LOCKIE          Spike! What do you think we should do now?

SPIKE             We could take the cop’s car and get out of here! Go south! One of us could wear the cop’s tunic and the rest of us could hide in the back of the car! We could be out of the area before they trigger what’s going on! What do you think ?

L OCKIE         I don’t think Witch is able to travel far! Doc! Do you think Witch could travel in the car?

JIM                  Only a very short distance! Nothing more! She really needs an Ambulance to

a nearby Hospital Intensive Care Unit!

LOCKIE          Witch doesn’t want to go to hospital. Spike! You take the car. I’ll work out what to do with Witch!

SPIKE             We stand the best chance by you and me going together. Leave Witch with Doc! When she recovers she can join us!

LOCKIE          I can’t leave her Spike!

SPIKE             You have to Lock! We’re no good to Witch if we’re all in jail!

LOCKIE          What will we do with him? (nodding to the garda)

SPIKE             We’ll waste him! He knows too much!

Jim overhears them and the Garda becomes restless.

     JIM                  If you guys are getting out, I will need help for Witch. Leave him with me!

SPIKE             No Lockie! He has to go! (he pulls his gun)

LOCKIE         Spike! If Doc needs him! Leave him! I’ll go with you! Doc! Will you get her to Hospital?

JIM                  I’ll do what I can! But tell your goon to let my wife go! Deal?

LOCKIE         Deal!

SPIKE             C’mon Lockie! Let’s go!

LOCKIE         Let’s take what we need!

                             As they go around picking up things. Jim slides a newspaper over the tablet. Lockie goes over to Witch and kisses her on the forehead) ‘Bye Witch!  She does not answer but as he and Spike go to leave Witch has a seizure!

LOCKIE              Doc! She’s fitting!

JIM                       I see! Get me cold cloths!

SPIKE                  We have to go Lock!

LOCKIE              One minute Spike!

                             He rushes out as Jim feels her pulse as she continues to fit. Spike looks up to heaven. Lockie brings in the cloths. They again exchange the cloths. Lockie is slow to leave.

SPIKE                  C’mon Lockie! Now!

LOCKIE              Doc! If she dies, so do you!

                             Lockie leaves slowly, looking at Witch as he goes. They both exit. The garda starts to move in the chair bringing it with him towards Jim. He starts mumbling and shaking his head. Jim takes off the blindfold and gag. 

GARDA               Get me out of these quick! (indicating the cable ties)

JIM                       Wait ‘till she stops fitting! I have to watch her tongue!

                             The garda gets upset and trys to get up but falls over in the chair onto the floor.

GARDA               For Christ’s sake free me! Get me up!

JIM                       Few minutes! She should be round soon!  Bloody hell! She’s going blue!

                               Jim takes her pulse. Witch stops fitting and is still. He lays her flat, taking out a cushion from under her head. He starts cardiac massage and then mouth to mouth.

GARDA               Free me and I’ll help you!

                             Jim rushes over to him, looks for a knife, finds one and cuts the cable ties. The garda gets up quickly and starts looking around.

GARDA               There must be a phone here!

JIM                       Forget that! I want you to give the massage while I give mouth to mouth!

GARDA               Fuck that! want to get her mates if it’s the last thing I do! If I could only find a phone!

Jim goes back to the massage and the mouth to mouth.

JIM                       Help me! For God’s sake help me!

GARDA               Go to hell! She doesn’t deserve it! (As he continues to look around)

I’ll flag down a car! (as he leaves)

                             Jim continues to work on Witch but to no avail. He eventually gives up. He takes her gun from the couch and puts it on the table. He puts a blanket over her, then sits in the chair with his head in his hands. He then takes the bottle of brandy off the table and drinks from the bottle looking at Witch. He gets up and lifts the newspapers. He picks up the tablet. He turns it on.

JIM                       The GPS! Maybe it will tell me where I am! (he flicks through the tablet) So! That’s where I am! I’ll try Kathleen in the office on Skype!

He types in the code. Kathleen answers and her face comes up on the screen.

Kathleen! It’s good to see you!

KATHLEEN        Mr. Morressey! Where have you been? Are you alright?

JIM                       Yes I’m Ok! I was kidnapped! Noreen was kept as a hostage! Has there been any contact from her?

KATHLEEN        No nothing!

JIM                       Shit! I’m sorry Kathleen! I’ll fill you in on the full story when I get back. Will you ring the gardai and let them know I’m in the last house on the mountain road outside Everstown. Tell them that Noreen was taken separately. Get them to go to our house. Ring Noreen and the house ‘till you get her! Tell her I’m alright! Listen! I have to go!

                             The back door bangs. There are approaching footsteps and Lockie enters. He looks at the blanket over Witch. He starts to cry as he uncovers her face and  cradles her in his arms. Jim picks up the gun on the table, goes over to Lockie and points the gun at him! Lockie is surprised!

JIM                       Where’s my wife?

LOCKIE              She’s with my “goon”. Insurance! Remember?

JIM                       Yes! She’s your insurance now!  Throw down your gun and “no funny stuff”!

Lockie starts laughing.

LOCKIE              Fuck off! You’re not going to use that! You haven’t the balls!

                                       Jim suddenly turns the gun on Lockie’s left leg and pulls the trigger. Lockie grabs his leg as blood seeps out.

                             Fuck you! You bastard!

                             Jim points the gun at his other leg and shoots. Lockie lets out a scream!

                             Ok! Ok!

Lockie throws down his gun in front of him.

JIM                       Where’s Spike?

LOCKIE              He’s dead! The cops shot him at a road block and he died in the car. He pulled his gun on them. One fell but the other had a machine gun and put two bullets into him. I was driving and was able to reverse into their car and overturned it. They couldn’t follow! I dumped the car and Spike’s body in a deep pond. I had to “borrow” a bike to get here. I had nowhere else to go and I was worried about Witch.

JIM                       Now your phone!

Lockie hands it over.  Jim scrolls through the previous calls. He rings a number.

This is Jim Morressey. You have my wife! I have Lockie with a gun on him. Witch and Spike are dead and so will Lockie be unless you let my wife go! Tell him Lockie!  Tell him now! (As he aims the gun again at his right leg)

LOCKIE              (Hurriedly and raising his voice) Do as he says Tomo!

JIM                       (To Tomo) Now! Let her go! Give her your phone and the keys of your van!

TOMO                 (on speaker) What? Lockie!

LOCKIE              Do as he says! He has me covered and will carry out his threat. You take the car and get away!

TOMO                 Ok! Catch up with you later!

                             He hands over the phone and the keys of the van to Noreen and leaves.

NOREEN             Jim! Jim! Are you alright?

JIM                       Yes! Noreen! Leave right away! Just get out of there and ring Kathleen when you are miles away. You can ring me on this number. ‘Bye!

NOREEN             ‘Bye!

JIM                       Now! What are we going to do with you?

LOCKIE              Let me out of here!

JIM                       You said you would kill me if Witch died! How do I know if you won’t carry out your threat some day!

LOCKIE              I only said that to get you to do your best.

JIM                       You sounded serious to me!

LOCKIE              C’mon Doc! Let me go!

There is the sound of a police siren. Jim shouts out.

JIM                       Help! Help! He’s got a gun! He’s gonna shoot!

                                       Garda Nugent and two armed gardai burst in and shoot Lockie as he tries to rise from the sofa and grab his gun. Jim comes in slowly from the back room with his arms up. 

GARDA NUGENT  (To Jim) Told you I’d get them! You can put down your arms now. I see she’s had it as well! (as he nods at Witch) I’ll get this lot sorted out!

JIM                       Can I go home?

GARDA NUGENT        Yeah! We can follow up tomorrow!

JIM                       Can I look for my car keys?  I think they are in his pocket! (Pointing to Lockie)

GARDA NUGENT     Sure! But don’t touch anything else!

Jim finds his keys and as he leaves

                             Here! Did you fancy her? (nodding towards Witch)

JIM                       Just trying to stay alive!

Lights down


The end

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