Daniel Sammon – Brian Boru

Daniel Sammon lives in Renvyle, Co. Galway. In November 2011 he came up with the novel idea of publishing a book of 60 poems to celebrate his 60th birthday. Two years previously, in 2009 to commemorate the long struggle for Irish Independence and Freedom he walked across Ireland from Renvyle to the GPO in Dublin. He found that walk so interesting and wrote a book about it and called it ‘My Great Walk Across Ireland’. The book was launched by Minister Eamon O’Cuiv in May 2010.



[Battle of Clontarf Good Friday 1014]

The battle was over
And the day was far spent
He was down on his knees
Inside in his tent
Victory was his
And as Ireland’s High King
His want was to pray
In preference to sing

This day was long coming
It was April twenty third
He knew something bad was at hand
He had seen a strange bird
At the end of the day
The Danes were defeated
But from victory was snatched
With his son’s life being cheated

While inside in his tent
And praying to his God
Along came this Viking
And with his lance he did prod
‘If you’re the High King of Ireland
The great Brian Boru
Though you have us defeated
There’s one thing I must do’

In a thousand years time
When the Irish celebrate
And of your famous victory
Many tales they’ll relate
Good Friday is a day
That the Danes they will rue
But in telling your story
They’ll remember me too

With no one to defend him
From this marauding Dane
Without pity or mercy
The High King was slain
Of the Battle of Clontarf
The Irish are so proud
And of Brian Boru
Our praise is still loud




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