Fiona McDonagh – Two Poems

fionaFiona McDonagh recently completed an MA in Literature and Publishing and at National University of Ireland, Galway and she will be graduating on November 2013. Before that Fiona did a BA in English and Irish. She enjoys to read and write, in both English and Irish.

The Whitegrey Room

I still look for you in the crowd
Scanning faces, fleeting looks at strangers
Who look blankly back at me
Much the same way you do
If I look fast enough, sometimes I can pretend it’s you
Walking into a shop or on a bus
Your warm brown eyes crinkling at the corners
As we laugh quietly at our private jokes. Your dimpled cheeks
Dancing when you flash your broad grin
It’s not your face that looks back at me now
Instead, a small crumpled mouth
Eyes glaze over my face – a face you once held in both hands
and kissed with abandon –
Glassy and disinterested
It’s me, it’s me, it’s me
It’s become a repeated frustrated refrain
Uttered in vain, as day after day
Another part of what was once you drifts away


It’s Me

I wake from the induced sleep, alone
On stiff crisp linen
Surrounded by whitewashed walls, scuffed white floors
That must have once shone
But dulled to grey
Years of scrubbing away evidence of what takes place
In this whitegrey room. I lay, waiting
As the doctors, nurses, scurry around patients, with furrowed brows and clipboards
Their footsteps echo, loud
But all I can hear is the silence, startling
I close my eyes, straining to hear,
But there is nothing
I put my fingers gently to the scar, raw and fresh
Cutting into flesh. Where this morning I felt your joyous swelling movement
Where your heartbeat echoed mine
In effortless rhythm. And you moved as I moved
and you slept as I slept, cradled in the safety of my womb
Now ripped open and stitched up
The vast silence doesn’t echo
It is as empty and void
As the gaping hollow
Left inside me, within me.


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