Barry Mc Glynn – The Endless night


The Endless night

The life of the fly is indistinct,
Swarming through the air as if it has a goal,
There is no place for this fly to go,
There is no home for this fly to make.

I am like this fly,
I have no goal, I have no home,
I drift from place to place without need to stall,
I have very little to carry with me.

This sensation has followed me since time immemorial,
Now that I am settled with all that a man should want,
Right where I want it but still my soul is empty,
Years I waited for that spark to return to my inner fly.

Firefly my guiding light,
I follow you till the road reveals itself,
But without you I am only a man,
Lost in blinding darkness.

Barry Mc Glynn

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