Michael O’Connor, originally from County Mayo, brings a background in theatre to bear in his live performances. He has acted in several plays from “Alice and wonderland” to “Our Town”. Mike blends deft acoustic guitar sounds with unique lyrical observation as showcased in his debut album, Octopus Tattoo, which has received considerable praise. 

Verse (1)

Lightning struck an oak tree trunk that still stands out in
the country,

Where daffodils grew there in spring, there it grew leafs of

Lightning struck when clouds all changed on a clear blue

Before that change the whistle began, there we said our last


Verse (2)

My memory of that oak tree and a girl, who is not

Years long gone by, when she and I sat beside that tree
saying nothing.

Both of us had our own dreams went Whistle in the wind our
separate ways,

Where we would be beside that tree, leaves memories always.


Before the wind the whistle begins, through the stem sounds
that rain is on its way,

After the rain and wind the whistle ends, on the leafs the
rain drops stay.

Dark clouds appear heat fills the air, after the silence
appeared a flash of light,

Thunder sounds all around that tree the lightning strikes.

Thunder sounds all around that tree the lightning strikes,

That tree the lightning strikes.