Eileen McGinley – Three poems


Three poems

By Eileen McGinley


I am a leaf upon the wind
Carried hither and yon
With nothing to ground me
No place to rest

Rain lashes down
I’m soaked inside and out
Don’t know where I’m headed
Praying for shelter

Life is a journey
One step at a time
Challenges thrown in our path
There’s no preparation
For what lies ahead
Today I will start again
Fate will carry you and me
To safer times
Our health renewed.



If you were here
What would you say
Would you see the blue sky
Feel the wind on your face
Laugh about how good it
Is to be alive?

I saw you playing with
Your children
Building a sandcastle
With your little girl
The child who held your heart

Your eyes linger on
Your teenage son
The brash, swaggering gait
In front of others
He was the one who cried
Bitter tears when your time came
We saw no sign of things
To come
No moment of realisation
That life without you would never
Be the same again.



Who am I to Dream
To gaze at clouds
To feel young and strong again
But no, fate is watching
That black hole comes knocking
Taking my joy, my hope,
Squeezing out all the good.

Can I go forward without you?
Your heart stopped
Fingers grow cold
Autumn changes to winter
Blowing frosty breath
On window panes
I cannot go with you.



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