Joyce Fahy – Broken Down Train Tracks

321111Joyce Fahy is a journalist and bar person from Co Galway. She enjoys writing all sorts of stories, from non-fiction to fiction, extraordinary to mundane and sport to music. She loves trying new sports, meeting new people and going new places. She is fluent in German and lived in Dresden, Germany for a year.


Broken Down Train Tracks

Decrepit houses hang
below phone wires
Things don’t change but things don’t stay the same
They rot and fall away
Fading, growing old

As Broken down train tracks
Fill with empty bottles
Of tonic wine
And worn out school kids

Local gamblers yo-yo from bar to bookies
And stand around smoking and musing
As they shuffle their weary feet.

Small-town life is predictable and slow
Screaming out for a straggler
From a foreign place
To come and stir the dead.




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