Murmur – Susan Isla Tepper and Glenn Bowie

Susan Isla Tepper is the author of 11 published books of fiction and poetry and 2 stage plays.

Her new satirical Novel titled ‘Office’ is forthcoming from Wilderness House Press in September.

Later this year another Novel titled ‘Hair of a Fallen Angel’ will be published by Cervena Barva Press.

Tepper is currently in the production phase of her play about artist Jackson Pollock in his later years.


By Susan Isla Tepper


Death is imminent
the trees murmur—
oaks high over the roads
same old roads,
houses the same, too
destroyed by time and
sidewalks have been pushed up
here and there by tree roots
with nowhere to go.
You turn a corner large rocks appear—
almost boulders—
left when they drilled through mountains
to make the roads murmur—
Must it be now I ask?
Receiving no type of signal or
reply— just that shushing sound
When the wind picks up,
I lift my collar, move along faster.

Glenn Bowie is a published poet, lyricist, and photographer from the Boston area.

He also owns and operates an elevator company that supplies custom-built elevators for clients from New England to Hollywood.

Author of two poetry and photograph collections (Under the Weight of Whispers and Into the Thorns and Honey) on Big Table Publishing, he donates all profits from his books to various charities for the homeless and local animal shelters.

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