Satya Bosman is a poet and Editor of the Black Cat Poetry Press and some of her poems were included in their debut nature anthology A Bin Night in November.

Her poetry has been featured in Dreich 6 Season 5 Magazine, the Soorploom Press, Green Ink Poetry, The Wee Sparrow Poetry Press, The Kent and Sussex Poetry Society’s Folio for 2022, Duckhead Journal, BBC Radio Kent, The Lake, and Paddler Press.

The Lady Sings on Stage

The lady sings on stage
L’amour est un oiseau rebelle
Alone in the audience
you tilt your head to one side.

Like a lone bird in a cathedral
who knows it is dying.
Enjoying one last morning,
where the light streams

through the stained glass.
The world a better place with you in it,
After the bird has flown.

A Kitchen Window

The plink plink of a dripping tap
a cloudy window opened an inch, as far as it goes.

Outside, a chalk grassland
strewn with buttercups and delicate pasque flowers

The sun gentle today, the wind blowing just
enough to carry the dandelion seeds

The scent of the meadow, heady like rich soil
sweet like honeysuckle

The day ticks slowly by
the light spills on the table

your smell lingers still.