Galway cinephiles will now get to see their favourite classics on the big screen as a new film classics club launches at Pálás Cinema.

Cinephile Paradiso is a new initiative created by creative duo Mikey and Holly. It is a monthly event that celebrates classic cinema on the big screen aimed at dedicated cinephiles and anyone who has an interest in film or going to the ‘pictures’. Cinephile Paradiso aims to encourage the discussion of cinema, to ask questions like, what is cinema? What do films mean to us, and how has this changed over time?

The event is kicking off on the 22nd of September at 6:30 with a screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1954 acclaimed thriller Rear Window. A discussion will follow the discussion in the bar. And if you miss it, you can catch up by listening to the Cinephile Paradiso recap podcast.

For announcements & all details follow Cinephile Paradiso on social media. To book tickets visit: