Ian Kelleher works in the Triskel Arts Centre, Cork as a box office assistant.

He has previously self-published a book of poems called A Suicidal Star (2009). He has a degree in Music from University College Cork.

The Bee

The bee buzzes about;
A miniature symphony orchestra
In its head, telling nobody about
The honey. Sweet delicious honey.
Life must be one big sugar rush!

Orange and yellow stripes ignite
Like dynamite. A spiteful sting
Would be alright, sightseeing bees
In the flowerbed delight in pollen.
He’d go into a jar with a push.

Twisting a cylinder, who dictates
To whom? The captor is afraid
Of his prisoner, and the poor insect
Needs oxygen, unless you pierce
Air holes in the lid, no jam, he’ll die.

It was rubbish singing, like a banjo
Elastic band, with rhythm at least.
A blast of blues, poor bees, black
Legs, transparent wings like an
Angel, if I let him out he’ll fly, fly

Away. Oh go away, bloody awful
Creature, they’ll sting you but the
Honey’s sweeter, he blundered
Along to the parking meter, got
Booked, I let him go, what a cush!

Feeling fine

Feeling fine,
The weather is fine,
And I, and I,
Am singing,
Just a little bit,
Go out to a couple of gigs,
On the streets again,
Get a bus,
Meet a friend,
Life is what you want it to be.
And the weather is fine,
I’m feeling fine.

Feeling fine,
A bit of sunshine,
Take a dip in the ocean,
Sit out reading,
Have a cup of tea,
Recharge your batteries,
Switch off the teilifís,
It was hypocrisy.
Life’s a dream,
It’s make-believe,
It’s a figment of God’s imagination.
And the women are fine,
I’m feeling fine.

Feeling fine,
The lyrics are mine,
Why don’t you try
Online dating?
Live in the times,
Writing lines.
Get a job,
Play guitar,
Will it stop raining?
Sky is blue,
It’s CO2,
Is the atmosphere in need of renovation?
And the lyrics are mimed,
I’m feeling fine.

Summertime Dream

Summertime, summertime,
Sunshine, sunshine,
Smooth movies.
Swimming is groovy,
Go out in the fresh air.

Oh, what a time, this is the life,
Singing, laughing,
Keep drinking.
Barbeque, mingling.
Sitting out on a chair.

Summertime dream, summertime dream,
Keep dreaming, I was there.

Oh me, oh my, me, oh my,
Lovely evening,
Lawnmowers mowing.
The sun is still glowing,
Seagulls screech in the air.

Summertime dream, Summertime dream,
Keep dreaming, So glad to have been there.

And down on the rocks
They’re nearly catching mackerel,
They’re jumping in the water down there.

Summertime, summertime,
Sunshine, sunshine,
Orange, green, yellow and blue.
This time in August
I’ll catch those fishes, it’s true.

Summertime dream,
Summertime dream,
Keep dreaming,
It’s me and you.

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