Javed Ahmed – I no longer talk about

Javed Ahmed is a U.K based poet and a physician. He writes in the language of common people, about their ordinary thoughts and about their ordinary insights. He has found a medium, through poetry, to explore the Philosophy of life, Kashmir, and the three-pound universe, the Brain.  His poems have been published in literary journals and magazines as well as in anthologies in the U.K, the USA, India, Ireland, and Canada. He is the managing editor of a U.K.-based literary journal, “The Beautiful Space-A Journal of Mind, Art and Poetry.

I no longer talk about 

How life stops gazing
at tomorrow,
how life freezes dreams
in our daily drudgery.

I no longer talk about
an endless road,
the ruins

of a pining nation,
the silence
of our song.

I whisper my poverties
in the ears of my solitude.

I illuminate my cave
with the light of my dreams.


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