Caroline Stevens-Taylor is in her mid-50’s, lives in Wexford and has 5 grown up children and 4 grandchildren. She is currently working on a book of poems, to be published locally. Caroline has had some of her poetry and prose published in the Wexford Bohemian, Wexford Women Writing Undercover and a publication in Limerick called Magical Moments, which is a publication of works inspired by music. Caroline also has a blog on WordPress which can be found at :

Smoking …

His hands worked hard
Worked his fingers to the bone
Breaking the soil
Mixing concrete
Manoeuvring bricks
Red, rusty, rough
His hardened skin calloused
Fingers tinged with yellow
Nicotine stained from welcomed breaks
Sweet cup of tea to warm him up
Old man now that he his
manoeuvring himself
Just about
in his shed
Sitting, tinkering, thinking
Reminiscing of a life gone by
Drinking his tea
life’s little pleasures
his welcome reward


She is ….
She is, greatness, powerful, majestic
She is calm, soothing, raging
She is roaring, still, crushing
She is open, nourishing healing
She is vast, she is essential
She is mother
Where life began
She endured
She failed
She tried
She loved
She is strength
Circumstance gives rise to context
Resilience gives rise to survival
She is all things
Wonderful and despairing
She is stuck, she is free
She is you, she is me
She is us
She envelops us
She is mother