Kevin McManus – The Silent Village

Kevin McManus is an award-winning poet and writer from Carrigallen, Co Leitrim.
Kevin recently published his first poetry anthology entitled “Spirits in the forest” which is now available from Amazon.

The Silent Village

The voices still resonate
around the fallen stones of Inishark,
songs carried on the Atlantic storms,
spectral shadows walk the paths
to abandoned grounds where progenies played,
agrarians toiled and spirits sleep.

Tears soaked into the island shallow soil,
the sun and the air dwells now
amongst its crumbled ruins,
a settlement stolen by sorrow,
the death of an island.

The last of the living
on a grey October day,
carried off by St. John,
before the birth of Winter,
blessed by the father,
a floating armada drifts
to dreams of deliverance.

© Kevin McManus

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