Katacha Díaz is a Peruvian American writer. Her prose and poetry have been internationally published in literary journals, print and online magazines, and anthologies.

She lives and writes up in her perch in a quaint little historic town at the mouth of the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest, USA.


As the setting sun faded into darkness,
the silvery moon and millions of stars
bedazzle the night sky over head.

Eerily quiet up on the river balcony hunting
with naked eye for Altair, the Eagle, and Sirius
during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Look into the night sky and imagine a river
of brilliant stars and best-loved constellations
waltzing across in the nighttime sky.

Take a deep breath and offer healing prayers
for the millions of people around the world
infected with COVID-19 or facing quarantine.

Lockdown Blues

Got the coronavirus blues?
Take it outside pronto!

Wear a face mask, stay 6-feet apart
walking along the Columbia River.

Get lost watching giant freighters gliding
silently up and down the mighty river.

Listen for the springtime music of the
songbirds and the trees floating in the air.

Spend time with Mother Nature, the ultimate
wellness spa for mind, body, and spirit.

Navigating COVID-19 lockdown blues,
a novice to experiencing global pandemic.

Katacha Díaz, “Stargazing” and “Lockdown Blues,” Hibiscus: poems that heal and empower, Kiriti Sengupta editor (Kolkata, India. Hawakal Publishers, First Edition, May 2020) p. 83-84.

Reprinted by permission of the author