Phil Goldstein – Joseph Had Dreams Too

Phil Goldstein is a journalist and writer who has been living in the Washington, D.C, area for more than a decade. His poetry has been published in the journals In Parentheses, The Ideate Review and Awakened Voices, and is forthcoming in Amethyst Review. By day, he works as a senior editor for Manifest, a content marketing agency.

Joseph Had Dreams Too

When I dream I dream of a benevolent God. I do not dream
of monsters, of being cracked and broken, withering trees.

I dream of Exodus, of the God who grants deliverance. I do not dream
of being drowned when the Sea makes itself whole in fury.

I dream … I dream of writing poetry, of what it can be and do.
I dream of being cracked and unbroken, like the foundation of the earth.




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