Simon Costello – Child’s Play

Simon Costello is an Irish poet from Co. Offaly. He graduated from Athlone Institute of Technology with a B.A . He has had poetry published in ‘Live Encounters’, ‘Tales from the Forest” and ‘Oddball Magazine’. For the past two years he has lived in China where he is a school teacher.

Child’s Play

Everyday I watched you,
each hour tracing the frontispiece
of my window, a monument
of eight decades bending
into your work, sinking
both hands into the wounds
of your garden, into the weeds
who’d come colonizing your fruits.

Often I wondered
the sacred heart clipped
to the ledge of your window,
always throwing me an eye
from your almost tundra-
knowing someday I’d slip
the hammer from beneath
my back, & flood myself
into every corner of your home.




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