Jovica Tasevski-Eternijan (b. 1976, Skopje) is a distinguished and internationally acclaimed poet, literary critic and essayist from the Republic of Macedonia. He has published six full-length poetry collections and two books of criticism and essays. His poetry is published in many literary magazines and anthologies in Macedonia and abroad, and it has been translated into around twenty languages. His poems are full of striking images which create a metaphysical atmosphere. He has received The Enchanting Poet award for excellent contribution in poetry writing, given by The Enchanting Verses Literary Review.

Mourning Morning
Think of death
Those dark mountains
Would like to hug you
Think of the invisible flame
And of the winds that sway the crowns of the trees
With roots deep in the black layers
Think of that
Your aerial steps
Become heavier
O, think about all of that
Before you leave
This suntrap
Before you relinquish
This tranquil valley
To the one that piles up
The impurity…

Black flock suddenly emerged
From the west mountains
And obscured the sun
The sky became gray
After all this years
Full with brightness and sunshine
The gruesome screams
Of the greedy birds
Had torn apart our tranquility
And when they lifted themselves most high
With a wild aspiration
To darken the sun totally
The sunlight burned
Their black wings
And they fell down into the abyss