poetGeorge Hume is an actor, author and performing arts lecturer, based in the UK. His prize-winning research in theatre phenomenology, theatre sound, and the aesthetics of atmosphere has received international recognition. As well as writing a critically acclaimed monograph, and other academic works, George also dabbles in poetry.


Within a forest dark and bleak,
Dwelled She, a sapling brave and meek.
With petals light yet roots so strong,
Fought She, the jibes that did prolong.

Through howling wind, rain and snow,
Prevailed She, without friend nor foe.
A beacon and shelter to all the around,
Her gentle glades, a home so sound.

Yet what is She if all alone,
And we that do beneath her groan.
Without her we are but lost,
To find her shelter came at a cost.

And wherefore doth She solace find,
If her world is all but kind.
And why do we rest by her still,
If all around is rank and ill.

For ‘tis by faith that She doth grow,
Towards the sky where light doth glow.
Bask not below her tender boughs,
But in Him who blows away the clouds.