Francis Annagu – On the Run

poet5Francis Annagu is a final year student from the Kaduna State University, Kaduna, Nigeria. His poems are published or forthcoming on Galway Review, Ayiba Magazine, Potomac Review, The Squawk Back, Kalahari Review, Ancient Path Literary Magazine, The Poet Community, Ann Arbo Review, Dead Snakes, Calvary Cross, Amsterdam Quarterly, Bewildering Stories, Novel Afrique, Ake Review, Commonline Journal, PIN, Tuck Magazine, Lunaris Review, Sunflower Collective, and others. He lives in Kaduna, Nigeria.

On the Run

On the clouds of life,
/We are the ooze
Of dusts and nothingness
/Dripping like red milk from
Dry teats of misery and suffering,
/Carried off, up, far, by
Wagging whirl-winds.
/It set us upon the thistles,
Burning rivulets and fang-fork
/Of black venomous Mambas
Slithering through the prickled
/Mountains bleached in the
Cruel sun. We wonder if
/It was the light showers
We had thought it’s throb
/Flowing still, stiller than cyclones
Through dry marshlands blooming
/Obfuscous petals of puerile
Bitter leaves. We must agree
/Now which sorrow song we shall
Play while shivering on Anthills,
/Or we must play our bamboo flutes,
Calling out the thunder,
/Calling out the rains
From their distant loneliness,
/And we must, too,
Forget our night while in this sun-tan,
/In this lacerate caves and barren earth,
Then sure shall the companionship
/Of longing rains patter
Upon our worn-wore roofs,
/We left for the wander.



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