Barry Mc Glynn – Sand in the Streets

BarryBarry Mc Glynn was born and raised in Sligo, after attaining a degree in English and Classic Civilisations Barry decided to make Galway his home. With the birth of his son Evan his desire to write and be published has been re ignited. Barry writes in the form of poetry but recently has inked his page in the shape of short stories. But he has left no writing style untested.


Sand in the Streets

As I walk through the streets of my home,
I see many people wandering slowly, quickly,
Some with patience others run through us,
As a child would a sandcastle.

Drifting among them as a sand blows in the wind,
Unknowing of where I am going, who I am meeting,
Entertaining myself with random conversation,
I indulge in people I do not know.

The day does not end. Too soon,
Nor too late. It feels as though the day passed perfectly,
Is there anything so wretched,
As a perfect day?

When I arrive at my end of days,
I look back at the streets I grew up on,
Wishing that wishes would come true,
So that I could wish to escape this hollow feeling.




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