James Fogarty – The Pyromancer

headshot (1)James Fogarty is an award winning medical journalist and aspiring fiction writer. He studied English and History at UCC and Journalism at DCU. He has just completed his first novel and is writing his second. He is originally from Templemore, Co Tipperary but is now living in Roscommon.


The Pyromancer

Outside, ancient, dim eyed cold
Grinds the squealing glass
Like sparkless flint.

From his sooty fingers
Shoot lines of wavy bronze,
As he mutters
T bend, elbows, and Jimmy Dog:
The secret language,
Known only to him
And his growling
Many toothed familiar.

Clasped in the crescent moon of his
He daubs his design
With oils, and bandages,
Making it safe,
To summon

He leaves alone, lurching under the
Weight of his heavy altars.


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