Alan Halford – The Knot

dublinAlan Halford was born in Dublin. He worked in RTE. Award Winning Black  & White photographer. Has had several exhibitions. A life time interest in short story writing, poetry and the arts. Currently working on a book that will include both his poetry and photographic works.


The Knot

Oh what a night for childish delights
cycling through the back of night
sitting astride my grandfather’s bike
as we freewheeled all the way down.

Perfume of stout filled the air
John Player flicked over my hair
stars hugged together knowing where we were,
lighting a brighter path home.

In a pub by a lock we spent half a day
blind to the darkness creeping our way
one for the road forever his way
crisps and lemonade always mine.

Friends at the door, friends at the bar
friends pat my head, we had not gone far
red faces sang songs as he went along
louder and louder till sung out of song.

Oh what delight on my grandfather’s bike
never afraid in that dark spooky night
fencing shadows with all of our might
and laughter reaching the moon.

Taking a breath by the Strawberry beds
the gushing Liffey clearing his head
sat on the bank with little else said
as the hour tied a knot between us.

Reaching First Avenue as dawn drew a light
in the dog house for the rest of his life
a wink at my door as he slipped out of sight
back home early to Bective that morning.

©Alan Halford 2013

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