John Jennings – Nine haiku

0001 John JenningsJohn Jennings is a Haiku writer from and in Galway. He has had haiku published in Asahi Shimbun and the Mainichi Daily News in Japan, Ropes, the Bray Arts Journal, and Old Moores Amnanac, in the USA Static Poetry 5 Anthology. He got Honorable Mention English & French The 15th Mainichi Haiku Contest International Section . At the beginning of this year he was listed in the The European Top 100 Most Creative Haiku Authors 2012 by Haiku Euro Top 100.



the world is changing
trees and grass and peace are gone
don’t leave me behind



Claustraphobic crawl
cars obscure my journey’s end
discourteous traffic



Monstrous crushing waves
melt the small snandcastle walls
tale of passing time


End of Day

Summer evening dusk
Stealing light form college halls
Gone home for the night



Window wet with rain
Drops fall from the cloudy sky
Distracting weather



Summer morning rays
Chasing greyness from my room
Ubiquitous light


Road crossing

Broken traffic light
Pressing button time and time
Destination blocked


St. Patricks Day

Lively dancing fun
Crowds awash with streaks of green
Patricks day parade


Working in the Garden

Yellow fuzzy stripes
Collecting red flower nectar
Very busy bee



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