Natalia Krause – Melancholia’s Reflections

nataliakrause_1334098539_18Natalia Krause is a relaxation coach, qualified tai chi trainer and NLP practitioner. She has been training in Chen Style with Niall O’Floinn & master Wang Hai Jun since 2007. She got her NLP training certification from John Stanley PhD, at Harmonic Wave Training seminars.


‘Melancholia’s Reflections’ a diary in search of inner peace and harmony



I am sitting on the moon
shining and bright
though pain has taken over me
the pain of every woman
alone on the Moon
those in ignorance of love
those not loved sufficiently
those who have not given love a chance
those never caressed
glanced at with curiosity
embraced not only by the body
the fingertips
but with eyes full of love
with loving words and positive emotions
pain of those who believe sex is dirty and unclean
pain of those who suffer from hunger of beautiful feelings and emotions
pain of those who take a hot cup of tea as an expression of love from
an insensitive type of soul,
those who are starved of touch from constant refusal of that beautiful divine pleasure
since it is not him
not the time
not the right conditions
not like that
then having to wait years
crying into pillows
touching themselves
dear women, lovely
miraculously gentle
taking care of and cherishing
with contrary thinking
and stubbornness
happy and sad
I love you all
thank you for the femininity
the softness of this pain being her
it is time to examine the pain deeper
time to do what you love
and to be with him who loves



We filter the world
through our minds
our expectations
destroy the beauty of reality
and endless disappointments come
I don’t know what to do
what to say
or think

empty without you
even though yesterday
we were attacking each other with words
and explanations
all these toxins
I would like them
to disappear from our relationship
our love and friendship clean
without false thoughts
creasing reality

Looking to find
the things that are good for us
good for us together
good for us separately
without toxic words
without a poisoned menu



Open your eyes and see
the life you want to be
fully conscious, rivers flow to the ocean
aware of every move
life is here and now
aware of every sound
no need escaping from my feelings
who I want to become, who I am, who I was
life is not about being in my head and eating my thoughts
life is not only about thinking
who you want to become,
you already are
stop thinking, feel more
feel and take the step
towards your potential
of your universe
spiralling around

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