Susan Isla Tepper is a twenty-year writer and the author of 11 published books of fiction and poetry and 2 stage plays.

Her play ‘The Crooked Heart” concerning artist Jackson Pollock in his later years premiered on October 25, 2022 at the Irish Repertory Theatre in NYC.

Tepper’s new Novel satire titled ‘Office’ has been released by Wilderness House Press.

Hard Bench

By  Susan Isla Tepper

Seems with a flick the sky
changed, an orb of unnatural
yellow but I’ve not changed—
not a jot—
the same position
on the same hard bench
just colder now
Out of doors all winter
the pot with bulbs
in black soil molders
on the steps.
When you walked away,
that odd tilt of neck, I thought
a swallow gone mad.
The earth changed then changed again
several times over.
Some aberration.
Not that anyone else necessarily
noticed or cared— though maybe
they drove the same route
saw the same trees budding
on lawns and parks
and thought: The earth has changed.
Repeatedly you told me
with genuine affection
how you loved me.

Yellow Moon Rising by Digby Beaumont, acrylic on paper

Digby Beaumont is an award-winning artist. His artwork has been published extensively in collaboration with writers of fiction, poetry and music. He works on portraits, still lifes, landscapes and a series of drawings on the theme of what it is to be human. He works with acrylic paint, mostly on canvas board, pen and ink on paper and mixed media. Digby became a professional artist in 2021. He is also a widely published writer.