Lakshman Bulusu – Three Poems

Lakshman Bulusu is an international poet, author, and educator. He is published in thirty poetry journals in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Taiwan, and India. He invented the STAR poem genre and MIRACLE STAR poem genre in 2016 and 2021 respectively. He has participated in poetry readings across the US, UK, Australia, Netherlands, and India. He is based in Princeton, NJ, USA.
He was an author feature for OpenDoor Poetry Magazine in February 2022. He was a semi-finalist in the WIne Cellar Press Order of Chaos Poetry contest for News Poetic Forms for his invented STAR poem genre.

A Moonlit Night

The peeping stars steal
the winning smiles of the moon
at the earth draped in its gilt,
like a pen takes control of heavy minds.
Midnight hours stroll
in the murmuring silence of the crickets,
like faint leaves in autumn end
strewn on shriveled pathways; or atoms of
unused talent in the bare furrows of mind.
Fireflies like vagabonds spark
the chillness of the night, like fond memories
to the cerise of dreams.
And the intangible shadows of invested flora,
in their night sheen, stare like addresses
on letters.

The clouds–all that remained of the day–
with their hues camouflaged by silver–
idle in the yonder skies. And the gentle rays
pierce their recesses fitting them to
mellow the whiteness.
The hills trod by lions and their friends
in drowsy yawns closing in nature’s shelters,
echo the tlots of hurrying feet of those
settling in afar mud homes.
Betwixt the hills run streams glazed by
cooling flakiness of snowy air
melting the night’s silence into a delicate glee,
like mercy flowing thru stark reality melts
the latter and its hardcore deeds.

This panorama spread out so grand
evokes a lyrical poem—
a poem of morrow to celebrate any night.

Sea In The Day

Sun and sea, beauty deep I cannot chase,
bathed in gold flickers, the place a sojourn.
I see the magic of nature unfold.

Dawn, morn to evening waves bounce at the shore,
the waters crawl to stillness far away—
I feel obsessed, as if in a floating dream.

Years roll with the tides leaving imprints,
evident from footprints left on the sand.
In the foam wander the many soaked feet—

Of those who visited and vocalized,
lives transformed and changed course for the better.
No time or distance to limit the tides.

The sight freezes. I can never let go.
My mind lulls with the sea, my heart at ease,
carried away at the end of the day.

Sun and sea, beauty deep I cannot chase
Dawn, morn to evening, waves bounce at the shore
Years roll with the tides, leaving imprints
of those who visited and vocalized.
The sight freezes. I can never let go.


He couldn’t stop thinking about fire
It was just so invigorating and inviting
He could never forget the need to acquire

That morning, he was shocked by the flyer
He had to calm himself with whiting
He couldn’t stop thinking about fire

Later, he was spooked by a satire
He thought the situation had become frightening
He could never forget the need to acquire

The satire tried to distract him with desire
Said it was time to start thinking about writing
He couldn’t stop thinking about fire

He took action with a quire
The fire was like a toxic sighting
He could never forget the need to acquire

He came dressed in long-lasting attire
His mind kept turning and whirling
He couldn’t stop thinking about fire
He could never forget the need to acquire




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