Kevin McManus is a poet-writer from Carrigallen in Leitrim. He has published three collections of poetry including his latest collection, “A Bell in the White Morning” One of his poems entitled “Lost Souls” has recently been adapted by the director, Dennis Earlie into a short film and has been selected for a number of national and international film festivals. All of Kevin’s books are available on Amazon.

On the dark days of December

On a dark morning in December the sky was wet and heavy with clouds,
the branches hung low and draped towards the grey water,
a black tweed cap was perched on the ash,
the grass laid lank and flat, it was bleached by frost,
the moon was still up, its crescent partially hidden behind a cloud even though it was gone eight,
thoughts were centred on the days to come and not the here and now,
the faces were turned towards the earth as we waited,
as we waited on the dark days of December.

(C) Kevin McManus